God’s Plan Of Redemption

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

Two altars: One altar from a doorway, and one doorway that became an altar.
Pat Schatzline


Hey, this is Pat Schatzline with Remnant Ministries International. Welcome to God Today. I just want to tell you, there’s one word that defines the Bible from cover to cover. If you were to take one word, it would be the word “redemption.” I talk a lot about the altar and the power of encounter.

My dad was a drug dealer. He got saved when I was five years old beside a commode. His altar was a commode. Here’s what you’ve got to realize: The whole Bible is about redemption. No matter what you’ve done, God says, “Come back home. I’ve been waiting for you.” The very culture of the population of the Kingdom of Heaven is going to be a bunch of people that messed up that met a loving God.

Let me explain it to you: Why do I talk about the altar so much? Remember in Genesis chapter 8, Noah, one man, rescued from the flood. It’s a horrible story. 370 days floating in the water and his family is tagging along. They’ve got all the animals and they land on Mt. Sinai, and the Bible says that Noah built the first altar. He takes the doors of the ark and makes an altar. God didn’t tell him to build an altar. God comes up and has compassion for mankind. As the animals are cooking on the altar, God says, “ I will never destroy the earth again with water.”

Let’s take you all the way through the Bible to a cross, where a man named Jesus, one man, would give His life to save all of humanity. Out of His belly would come a flood for you and me – of love. And that one man became the doorway; the Bible says in John chapter 10.

So you’ve got Noah, one man saved, and that was it. Then you’ve got Jesus, one man who saved all mankind. Two altars: One altar from a doorway, and one doorway that became an altar.

Jesus says, “I want you to understand something. There’s a door for you.” Hebrews 10 says His body became the door, and that I can now have redemption. I couldn’t get to God because the high priest stood in the way. But because of Jesus, I can walk through His body and I can go right into the Holy of Holies.”

Wherever you’re at today, no matter what you’re facing – maybe it’s a tragedy, maybe you’re going to a funeral today, maybe you’re facing a divorce today, or maybe you feel like you’ve just made too many mistakes. How dare you to think you have the power to negate the blood of the Lamb: The ultimate sacrifice. You don’t! His blood came for you and I. It couldn’t take the blood of bulls and goats; it took the blood of the Savior. All you’ve got to do is say, “Jesus, redeem me. Jesus, restore me.”

Let’s do that today. Let’s be the altar. He altered us. He changed us.

Father, I pray for those that are watching right now, they would feel the love of God invade their house, invade their car, right from their mobile phone, right from their laptop. They’ll feel the presence of God redeem them. Lord as they’re watching this right now, just say, “Jesus, help me,” because you are close to the brokenhearted and whoever calls on the Lord shall be saved. If I confess with my mouth and believe my heart that Jesus Christ is Lord; I am saved. So if they’re watching right now, let this day be the day they were altered. In Jesus’ name. Amen.