Financial Breakthrough

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

God speaks to you from the fullness of who He is, and what He knows you can access.
Brian Guerin


Hi there, I’m Brian Guerin with Bridal Glory International and welcome to God Today. I want to talk to you briefly about the aspect of the financial realm and how God’s moving so powerfully right now, in this hour, and to bring abundance, you know provision, to His people.

It’s the will of God for us to, you know, be in abundance, to follow out His will. Scripture says clearly that God says, “I own the cattle on a thousand hills.” Many of you will probably relate to this. I began to watch for years how God speaks to me as though I had endless amounts of you know abundance in my account and I was always like, “God, how am I going to do that? Have you seen my checking account lately?”

I began to learn that God speaks to you from where He’s at, He’s not looking at your lack, or whatever it may be, or lack of provision. He speaks to you from the fullness of who He is and what He knows you can access. I want to pray for you guys; we’ve been seeing some amazing breakthrough, even supernatural debt cancellation, and it’s profound. Also in Deuteronomy 8:18 where it says that God gives you the ability to get wealth. Also Haggai Chapter 2, that right now there’s a shaking going on, and if you read that clearly it says that God is shaking the nations, so He can shake the treasures to His people, and that’s where “‘The silver and gold are mine’, says the LORD of hosts.” That comes from that verse.

Even now, I want to pray for you guys for a great increase of financial area breakthrough, you’re going to get supernatural revelation or new business ideas and the power to get wealth from Deuteronomy 8:18, and to encourage you that it’s God’s will for you to live in fullness and that you prosper and be in good health.

God, I thank you for the listener. I pray for a great release right now on breakthrough in the financial area. I pray for supernatural debt cancellation. The power to get wealth, God, shake the riches and the gold that is yours to your people right now, for this hour, for your purposes, and your glory. In Jesus’ Name.