Mary & Martha

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

We have Jesus in our house! Yet, we look at distractions, we look at cares, we look at troubles.
Kellie Copeland


Hey, I’m Kellie Copeland from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, I want to welcome you today to God Today. I just have a quick word for you about Mary and Martha. You know we all have heard the story of Mary and Martha. I think people think it is personality-based, and Martha was this way because she was an “A type” personality, and Mary she’s just a relaxed sort of person and that’s why she was the way she was. Or maybe you think that’s why God corrected them. No, in this story Jesus is in Martha’s house. Think about that. And Jesus diagnosed Martha, in the Amplified Bible it says, “Martha, you are worried about many things.” Do you know what I love about the way He said it to her? In the Amplified version it says, “Martha, Martha.”  Now, in Texas, if you’re in trouble it’s your first name and your middle name. “Kellie Dee!” That’s me. That means I’m in trouble. But, when someone says your name twice that’s just, “I love you and I am being so patient with you right now”. “Kellie, Kellie.”

“Martha, Martha. You are troubled and burdened with so many things. You have so many distractions.” Just to pull it down to our life today, what are you distracted with? What keeps you from sitting at the feet of Jesus? Because this is what Martha missed: she had Jesus in her house. We have Jesus in our house! Yet, we look at distractions, we look at cares, we look at troubles. That day Jesus diagnosed her. Why don’t you let Him diagnose you today? Why don’t you sit at His feet for a while today and say, “Jesus, talk to me about me…Diagnose me”. I promise you He will and I promise you it will change your life to listen to Him because He knows your heart. Just say, “Father, thank you for sending me, Jesus.” Say, “Jesus I open my heart up to you. Diagnose me today and show me the steps that it takes for me to sit at your feet and walk out of this trouble. In Jesus’ name.”