70 Times 7: Learning To Forgive

Sunday, December 11th, 2022

God will forgive us the same way we forgive others.  That is a tremendous lesson.
Harold Hampton Walker


My name is Harold Hampton Walker and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Welcome to God Today. I am going to talk to you this morning about this little symbol right here: 70 times 7.  It is an amazing thing that Jesus said to Peter when Peter came to Him very encouraged and thought He was really exaggerating when he said, “How many times do I have to forgive my brother? Maybe 7 times?”  He thought Jesus would say, “No, no. Just 3 or 4 is enough.” So, he said, “7 times?” And Jesus said “No, no. 7 times is very little. It is 70 times 7.”

In other words, many people think that if you are a follower of Jesus and you are saved and you believe in Him, you will not make many mistakes.  Jesus was saying we will make a lot of mistakes and offend each other a lot. He wasn’t saying we were going to be perfect. He was saying, to live together with our brothers and sisters in Christ and other people in the world, we will offend each other quite a bit, but we need to learn to forgive.  Forgive always. 70 times 7 is many times. You wouldn’t be able to count it. You don’t need to count. Just forgive every time somebody crosses you in traffic, or something happens in your house with your spouse or your children. Or at your work, or at your study. Jesus said, “Forgive.” He taught us a wonderful lesson in the Lord’s Prayer.  He said, “Forgive us, Father, like we forgive others.”

God will forgive us the same way we forgive others.  That is a tremendous lesson. I hope you can spend this day thinking about this. Go forth. Don’t be too worried about your mistakes. Just learn to forgive and be forgiven. Live in God’s wonderful grace. May God bless you wonderfully in this new day.