Take Heed

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

So I'm encouraging you, no matter what you hear, make sure you're hearing the Shepherd's voice.
Tosh James


I want to encourage you guys today with Mark 4:24. It says, “Take heed…”  It’s very important what we listen to. You know, we’re created by our Designer, yet we are programmed by our environment.  A lot of people are speaking to us, whether it’s the news, our besties, our circle of influence, circle of friends, people we work with, and if we don’t take heed to what we listen to, if we don’t filter things that come into our life, it’ll start dictating how we function. It’ll start dictating the way we react to things.

We don’t have a spirit of fear. No matter what’s happening around the world, no matter what the stock market’s doing, no matter how much money you have in your bank account, God’s already spoken over you. He’s already written your story. So I’m encouraging you, no matter what you hear, make sure you’re hearing the Shepherd’s voice. Make sure the Holy Spirit is speaking into your life, and no one else.

They may all have something to say. Your bank account may have something to say, your health may have something to say, but we have to listen to what God’s already spoken over our lives, what the Word already says, and we have to hear what He has to say about us.

What you hear can affect your year. So if you want to have a better year, then you better hear what God has to say about you. So I’m going to bless you with that.