Miracles Are A Love Language of God

Monday, March 20th, 2023

The Bible actually says that He did so many miracles, that there wasn't even enough paper in the world to write them all down.
Lindy-Ann Hopley


Hey, do you know that miracles are a love language of God? I’ve heard people say the strangest things like, “Don’t chase signs and wonders,” and they quote Jesus totally out of context. Jesus did miracle signs and wonders everywhere He went. The Bible actually says that He did so many miracles, that there wasn’t even enough paper in the world to write them all down.

God is a good Father and He loves to see His children flourish just like our earthly parents when they’re healthy. They want to see the best for our lives, they want us to be successful. That is the heart of a parent. God actually says, pray like this, “Our Father” “Our Father who art in heaven.” He’s a Dad that loves us, that longs to have relationship with us. And He’s only got the best for you. All His promises are “Yes” and “Amen.” Come on!

Miracles, when He comes and heals us, when He comes and touches us, it’s all to show how much He loves us. Some people say, “But aren’t miracles just for the unbeliever so they can get saved?” I’m like, um, if my dad had the ability to heal me and he was only giving out that gift to kids on the street and not to the ones in his own home, I’d be pretty ticked off. We’ve got to understand that God is actually a Dad. He loves you as a child. Why would He withhold anything from you? He loves you. He adores you. His miracles are for you. It is a love language of God.

I’ve seen so many people get healed. So many miracles signs and wonders where people are weeping and you see the power of God. I’m thinking of this one lady. She was in a wheelchair. She came to the meetings. She’d never given her life to Jesus. She’d never come to an altar call before, but she rolled up for the salvation altar call. And as I went through everyone and prophesied over everyone, I literally came up to her and after she gave her life to Jesus, I prophesied over her. I said, “In the Name of Jesus, get up and walk!” Literally, she jumped out of that wheelchair!!!  Three months later, her daughter’s blind eye opened up and the whole family experienced a revival!!!

And so right now, if you need a miracle in your body and you want to experience that love of God, I just release breakthrough over you. I speak healing over you. I speak that revelation that God is a good Father. He wants to heal you. Come on! We all know God can, but do you realize He wants to? It is His gift of love. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever, (and that includes you) believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. I bless you with that in Jesus’ Name.