The Blueprint To A Fruitful Life

Monday, June 19th, 2023

The scripture is full of things to help us know who we are; our identity.
Nathan McClure


You know, as kids, we’re taught a lot of things, especially from a pastor’s kid’s perspective. I’m taught to read your word, read your word, read your word. When I was younger, I never really did this well, but let me tell you something: This book right here is a blueprint. It’s a blueprint to allow you to live a life free of anxiety, free of depression, free of worry, and knowing that you’re loved and you are the beloved.

So one of the main things that I do, and one of the things that drives me to read the word is my father, actually my earthly father. He doesn’t always know where those scriptures are, but he can reference a scripture verse out of nowhere. Most of the time, the Lord has to give me a scripture for me to be able to know where to look, but he can just pull a scripture out of nowhere and just recite it. And that is a beautiful thing.

And it’s amazing to see when he’s encouraging me, that he can just reference something so perfectly in tune with what I’m dealing with. And it helps me know like, hey, this scripture, this Bible, the words in this book are relevant to me. I lost my job just recently, trusting in the Lord, not worrying. Just as the Lord feeds the birds of the field, how much more would He take care of me? (Matthew ch. 6).

The scripture is full of things to help us know who we are; our identity. It’s important for us to go after the scripture and know the word. My wife is a prime example of this. She goes after the word more than anybody I’ve ever seen. She’s hungry for it. She loves it. It motivates me to go after it. When we go after the word, we get closer in connection with the Father.

So, Lord, I just pray for the people watching this, that they would have a hunger, and thirst for your word, Lord, that they’ll go after it. They’ll study it. They’ll understand the words, they’ll understand the history behind the words. Understand the meanings, the different translations. Lord, what you’re saying in the situations. Lord, I pray that you guide them and show them where the scriptures they need for the circumstances they’re in are in this word. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.