Confidence In God

Friday, July 28th, 2023

It’s not my great ability that’s so important, it’s my availability to the Lord and my trust and reliance upon Him.
Andrew Wommack


Hello, I’m Andrew Wommack and I want to welcome you to God Today. You know, this is just where we share something with you very briefly, pray with you just to encourage you and today I wanted to share with you that out of Philippians 3:3 at the latter part of that verse, the apostle Paul said that he had no confidence in the flesh. Did you know that that’s probably not one of your favorite verses, that’s probably not on your refrigerator but that is a powerful truth that we need to put all of our confidence in the Lord and not in ourself. And this offensive to many people because they think “Oh, but I’m really awesome and I’ve got all of these great talents.”

You know, regardless of how good you are, life is going to beat that out of you some way or another. You are going to fail and if your confidence is in your flesh and in your ability, then you’ll crash and burn along with it. I’m telling you it’s a safe place to find your total identity and confidence in the Lord and not in yourself. That may sound like it’s kind of a downer but it’s really liberating. You know, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but because I know that and it doesn’t really matter, it’s not my great ability that’s so important, it’s my availability to the Lord and my trust and reliance upon Him. That’s what empowers me and that’s what enables me to do the things that God has called me to do.

So, just like the apostle Paul, I would like you to encourage you today to have no confidence in your flesh. Put all of your confidence in the Lord and if you’ll do that, I’ll guarantee you, you cannot be beaten. Right now, I just pray for you. I pray that the Lord will give you an understanding of this and if you’ve faced something and maybe failed, well, praise God, you’d be able to go beyond yourself and put your confidence in the Lord.

If you are doing okay right now, I pray that you would learn this lesson before you crash and burn and that you would willfully with the apostle Paul, just count everything else but dung compared to what Jesus has done for you. And if you find yourself, your identity, your worth and value in the Lord, I tell you, that’s a great place to be.

God loves you, I love you, and God has great things in store for you as long as you are leaning upon Him, trusting in Him and letting Him live through you. God bless you.