Breaking Off The Fear Of Man

Saturday, August 5th, 2023

Our significance needs to come from our Heavenly Father.
Lindsi Gross


Something I think Christians struggle with a lot is the fear of man. But we’re not called to live in the fear of man. We’re called to live in the fear of God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Psalm 27:21 says, “The crucible is for silver and the furnace is for gold, and a man is tested by his praise.” And so what are you doing in your life where you’re looking for significance? Our significance needs to come from our Heavenly Father.

And so if you’re finding that you have the fear of man in you, you’re going to notice that you’re afraid of being wrong, or you are looking to be encouraged or lifted up without God being in it at all, but you’re looking to people. And I think that that can actually come from an orphan spirit, because orphans, they’re looking for encouragement in places because they’re not sure where their provision is going to come from. They’re looking for a mother, they’re looking for a father, and they’re really actually insecure. And I think all of us have gone through that at some point in our life, because all we want is significance.

Everybody wants to be loved, everybody wants to be involved in something really important. But when you find yourself in places where you’re only happy if men are praising you, then I would say it’s time to repent and bring that before the Father. Now, there’s no condemnation in this. There’s no condemnation in Christ, but He’s so faithful to forgive us and He’s so faithful to draw us in. Just like the prodigal son; his father ran out to him with a ring and a robe. And I just want to remind you today to come to the Father, to come to the throne room with boldness and be like, “God, I’m really struggling with the fear of man.”  And He’s going to heal your heart in that.

And I encourage you to be vulnerable with Him, to surrender that thing to Him, because the fear of man will not sustain you. It just won’t sustain you. You’re going to find yourself tired and worn out and disappointed because men and women, even in the church, they will disappoint you because we’re not perfect. But who is perfect? Jesus. He’s the Author and the Perfecter of our faith. So let your heart be tested by Him. You’re going to find so much joy in that surrender, and He is going to give you the people in your life that you need.

Sometimes the fear of man leads us to the wrong people because we’re looking for significance that only the Father can give. But when you lay that down, God will bring you the people that you need in your life. And then iron will sharpen iron and you’ll be in a rhythm with the right people, and you’re going to see yourself flourish.

God, I thank you so much that you love us. I thank you so much, God, that we are not to fear men. God, you are the only One that we are to fear. God, we stand in awe of you today and we lay down that fear of man. In Jesus’ name, amen.