Honor All People

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Honor to me is really celebrating who a person is and not what they’re not.
Mel Ponder


Hi, my name is Mel Ponder. What I have today is a verse of scripture and it’s from 1 Peter 2:17 that says, “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, and honor the king.”  What I want to talk about today is “honor all people.”  You know the word honor to me means so much and I pray today God will release a revelation to you as well.  You know, honor to me is really celebrating who a person is and not what they’re not.

You know, we understand what it’s like if we’re in business or if you work for a company to honor the CEO or maybe your boss or maybe some high ranking officials in your community.  But, a lot of times you may look at someone, like for example, who cleans up the trash, or is a custodian, or maybe even homeless and dishonor them.  You know, a lot of times we are here, we will be around the board table and we can celebrate the people in the room, but we go through a drive-thru and maybe they give us the wrong ketchup packet and we get on to them.  

What I’ve seen, time and time again is when you give honor where honor is due, and celebrate the gift and calling of God in everyone, that things inside other people begin to come alive.  And so, today I challenge you as I challenge myself almost every day, to wake up, leave your door, looking for a way to honor someone that you come into contact with today.  You’ll be surprised the many encounters God brings you to just speak life over them in hope.  

So, let me pray with you today.  Father, I bless you today.  I thank you, Lord, that something inside of them comes alive. That the words of their mouth and meditation of their heart would please you, and they would choose to bless those around and about them and honor the gift of calling of those they encounter today.  Lord, we thank you for them right now in Jesus’ name. Amen.