Staying Connected

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

It's when you choose connection that those relationships open up to a whole new level.
Nathan McClure


It can be really hard to be vulnerable sometimes, but when we’re vulnerable, it allows us to be more connected to those around us. I just graduated last year from a bootcamp called Bethel School of Technology, and one of the things that we’ve done in there was we had a spiritual mentor, somebody who helped us, and counseled us, and talked about our spiritual journey. And one of the things that he talked about with me was the things that we pour in is what we’re going to get out.

So if in a relationship, you’re only surface level, you’re only going to have a surface level connection. And it’s really the relationships that you have that when they’re deep relationships, you’re going to run into issues. They’re going to run into circumstances. I mean, family issues always occur, right? There are roadblocks. There’s things that you’re going to run into with each other when you’re going into a deep, lifelong relationship with somebody. And it’s when you choose connection that those relationships open up to a whole new level.

There’s three different type of people when it comes to confrontation. You have the porcupine who embraces it. They don’t like confrontation, but they don’t run from it. They’re ready for it. And then you have the turtle who hides from confrontation. And then you have the rabbit who runs.

I always like to say I’m rabbit in a turtle shell. I’ll run as fast as I can, but if I can’t escape it, I’ll hide away. But one of the things that the Lord’s really been doing is with the people who I’m choosing community with and who I’m trying to go deep with, I’m not running from those confrontations anymore. I’m embracing them, and I’m diving in. I’m going headfirst into those confrontations. I’m pouring all that I can into that relationship, because it’s so important to be connected.

Unity within the Bible, it talks about this a lot in the New Testament. The body of Christ being unified. We might disagree on things, but we need to be unified. And that means having hard conversations. That means pouring in all that we can into a relationship and not saying, “Well, this relationship’s hard, I’m just gonna walk away.” No, if you need to walk away from a relationship, I understand that sometimes that has to happen. Sometimes we just need to pour more into it. We need to connect, we need to grow stronger with that person, which means having hard conversations, which coming from me is very difficult sometimes. But you have to embrace it.

So, Lord, we pray for those people who might have hard conversations coming up. Lord, I just pray for a clarity, for a strength to be poured out on them. Lord, we thank you that these hard conversations does not mean disconnection. It means reconnection. It means getting closer and growing closer to the person that we’re having conflict with. Lord, we thank you for the people that are watching this. We thank you for their heart for you. We thank you that you’re pouring out your love on them, and I pray blessing and favor over them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.