Are You Lead By Faith?

Thursday, September 28th, 2023

The next time you feel yourself being driven by fear, stop, take a deep breath, and ask the Lord how He's wooing you to towards faith.
Lisa van den Berg


So what is really motivating your daily decisions? I remember trying to make a decision one day, and you know what it’s like when you’ve got a situation in front of you and you’ve got to make a decision, like there’s a deadline that has to be met or somebody’s expecting something from you? Some things they just have a shelf life and you have to get it done. And so often it can be frustrating ’cause we say to the Lord, “God, but there’s this deadline, and I have to know.” And sometimes He just doesn’t care about the deadline, right?

And so I find myself needing to make this decision one day, and I was just trying to make it happen. I was trying to put things in place, I was trying to control things, so it would go a certain way. I was making phone calls and trying to get people to do things that they just weren’t willing to do. And I was so frustrated at the whole thing. And eventually, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Hey, what is driving your decisions? Are you being driven by fear, or are you being led by faith?” Huh? That just stopped me in my tracks, because, just take those two words. When something’s driving you, and you’re striving and you’re controlling and you’re manipulating and trying to get things done, that is absolutely not from God. And so then you know that the enemy’s pulling your chain, right? And he’s trying to get you to do something versus being led by faith. It’s a totally different story. Nobody’s behind you pushing you. Now, Jesus is in front of you, wooing you and calling you to something that’s better than what you’re experiencing right now.

And those two words, they’re like, you can go the one way or the other way; are you being driven by fear or led by faith? have so helped my life when I need to make a decision, or when I feel anxiety coming up, or stress coming up, or I feel like I’m trying to control something, or I get that feeling of frustration ’cause something’s not going my way, I stop and I say to myself, “Lisa, you’re being driven by fear right now. And that’s not the way you wanna live, right? And it’s not the way Jesus wants you to live either.”

So the next time you feel yourself being driven by fear, stop, take a deep breath, and ask the Lord how He’s wooing you to towards faith. How He’s bringing you towards your dreams? How He’s showing you the abundant life that Jesus talks about in John 10:10? Because it is way better than being driven by anything.

So I bless you to have the awareness to know when everything inside of you is wrestling, that you get to just take a deep breath and go, “Lord, thank you that you’re leading me towards something much better than what I’m being driven from.”  So good. Bless you.