The Great Commission

Saturday, November 11th, 2023

A disciple wakes up every day and the first thought on their mind is, how can I know my Master better today?
Rick Joyner


Hello, I’m Rick Joyner. Thank you for joining us for God Today, sponsored by GOD TV. Just a couple of minutes here where we focus on what is God doing today. And you know, one of the things He’s doing is we’re going to see the Great Commission fulfilled. And I think we need to reexamine just what that Great Commission is.

You know, the Great Commission was to make disciples not just converts, but disciples of all nations, not just individuals. What does it mean to disciple a nation? I believe it includes discipling individuals. But first we may need to back up a little further and say, what does it mean to be a disciple? This was clear in scripture, and the Lord gave a definition of what His disciples would be like. One thing, they would be known by their love for one another. You know, the church is known for many things today, but love isn’t one of them. What does that look like, then?

There are many other characteristics He gave for His disciples. They don’t live for themselves, they live for Him. You know, a disciple wakes up every day and the first thought on their mind is, how can I know my Master better today? How can I become more like my Master and do the works that they do? And I think that is the mentality of every true disciple of Christ. This is the drive of their life. This is the focus of their life. This is what dominates their mind all day long. They wake up with it and they go to bed with it. They wake up, I’ve got to know my Master better. I’ve got to learn of my Master today and become more like Him. They go to bed. Did I do it? What did I learn about my Master? Was I able to draw closer to Him today?

Now, there are many scriptures. Go through them. I trust you all true disciples have done this. They’ve searched out, because they’re focused on this. How do I live the life of a true disciple? To go through the scriptures and the teachings that Jesus gave about His own disciples. And if we don’t measure up, maybe the Great Commission needs to start mostly in the church. You know, according to many studies, only 6%, 6 to 10% of Christians have a Christian worldview, a biblical worldview. Maybe we need to start with ourselves. Are we disciples? And if not, let’s become His disciple.