What Does Revival Look Like?

Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

Now think about revival. We’ve been longing for revival. Our source is Christ, but the question is, why are we not seeing fruit in our community?
Kyle Martin


Hey, this is Kyle Lance Martin with Time To Revive, and welcome to God Today. You know, as I’m praying every morning, I’m processing, “God, how am I going to see revival today? What does revival look like?” Tangibly, to me, it is when we begin to experience “fruit”.   I love when Jacob, he’s speaking to his 12 sons (in Genesis), and in Genesis 49 he’s giving blessings over his sons, the Sons of Israel. He specifically speaks, in Genesis 49:22, he speaks to Joseph. Listen to what he says – he says, “Joseph is a fruitful vine”. I know he is talking to Joseph, I recognize that, but I also believe that this can apply, this can speak to us, the church as well.  A fruitful vine, it says this, beside a spring. Now think about this, Joseph is a fruitful vine – why? Because the fruitful vine is beside a spring. Our source, as followers of Christ, has to be found in Christ.

Now think about revival.  We’ve been longing for revival.  Our source is Christ, but the question is, why are we not seeing fruit in our community? For decades we have been praying for a move of God, but nobody watching this has seen a national move of God. Why?  Because, I believe, the fruit has to go, not just in the building, it has to go over the walls. So in Genesis 49:22, watch, “Joseph is a fruitful vine. A fruitful vine beside a spring.” Now watch what the scripture says, “its branches climb over the wall”.  When we find our source in Christ, yes personal revival begins to takes place, but I believe corporate revival can take place when the branches begin to climb – if I can help to make it clear – over the church building walls. The church is not a building – the church is us.  It’s you, it’s me. And I believe that when we find our source in Christ, the fruit will begin to extend into the cities where we’re at. It could be in Dallas, TX, it could be in Orlando, FL, it could be where you’re at even in your home, into your neighborhood. But, I believe it’s time for the church to find its source so that the fruit can extend over the walls.

You know, I believe revival is coming it can happen through you and through me.  But, we must find our source and extend it to the communities. Father, I just say “thank you” right now, in the name of Jesus, that more fruit is coming.  Not just what’s inside the church, but into the communities. That’s when revival happens; when the fruit begins to extend beyond ourselves. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.