The Power of the Testimony

Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

Lord, cut me deep.  Use that sword to cut between my soul and my spirit, so I can be like you.
Lee Thompson


Hi, I’m Lee Thompson, commissioner of a bodybuilding sports league.  Welcome to God Today. I’m a lover of Jesus, because I was very lost and He found me.  It was a night that I found myself laying on the floor, ready to take my life, moments away from suicide when I heard Him say, “Get up and let me show you your value.”  I thought at that point, “Now I’m truly crazy. I’m hearing voices.” He said it again. “Stand up and let me show you your value.”  I was wrecked at this point. I really thought I was hearing a voice. Then He said, “Get out my book.” I had a Bible, not that I ever read it or could have understood it. I got out my Bible and said, “This has got to be a joke, because you know I can’t understand or read this thing.” And He said, “Just close your eyes.” It was as if He just took my right palm and said, “Let your forefingers over where I show you.”  

I closed my eyes and opened this book. I laid it open and laid my palms down and went to Psalms 19:7-12.  A beautiful scripture about God’s ways, His laws, His regulations. At the time I didn’t really understand why, except that I was a lawless person. I had been lost in pornography, in the sport of bodybuilding, it can get very dark sometimes. I was greedy, I was selfish. Anything bad, I was, and I was good at being bad. He was showing me His laws so that I could be very good and learn to have a conviction. One of the first scriptures I ever learned was Hebrews 4:12. I remember days laying on the floor crying just saying, “Lord, cut me deep. Use that sword to cut between my soul and my spirit, so I can be like you. That I can love, and be a good person, and have a convicted heart, turn from the ways of the world and turn to you because you are everything.” It was in Him that I found my strength to be able to walk, to get up. Every day became a little bit better, a little bit better, and a little bit better. I could just be joyful and it was rewarding to be disciplined by God. It was so amazing.

If I may, I would just like to pray for you out there today.  Lord, just use your word as a mirror and a reflection on our life to show us what is right and what is good. Give us the love that you have and allow us to see our value in you. God, we love you and we just thank you so much for how you use your word to cut our soul and our spirit, so we can walk from the ways of the world to walk in your beautiful light. Amen.