Sunday, February 4th, 2024

I like to say there are no coincidences if you're a believer; only holy coincidences...
Carl Wesley Anderson


Hello, I’m Carl Wesley Anderson. I’m both an equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker of Born To Blaze Ministries here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. A special shout out greetings to our God Today audience. Isn’t this a great day? It’s so exciting to be with you and to be able to share one of the ways that the Lord speaks.  Love is speaking. He’s love, He’s speaking. It’s called Providence. There’s a word you don’t hear every day, but I want to define it for you. Providence; what is it? It’s your Father speaking through His direct and indirect leadings of His guidance through circumstances and outward signs.

I like to say there are no coincidences if you’re a believer; only holy coincidences, like your Father goes ahead of you on your way, and I want to anchor this for you in the word of God. I have before me Deuteronomy chapter one, where the Father is revealing Himself to the children of Israel as a Father leading his son or daughter. And then He says this: He goes before you on your way to seek out a place for you to encamp, in fire by night and cloud by day to show you the way in which you should go. How many of you want to know you’re on the right way of God’s will today? Well, Providence shows you. So here we have the Lord giving us this incident in scripture. As you recall, He led the children of Israel by this incredible supernatural substance. By day it appeared to be a cloud. By night, it appeared to be fire.  Let me ask you a very simple couple of questions. What do you need if you’re in the hot desert and the sun is bearing down upon you during the day? Well, a cloud would be nice, wouldn’t it? To have shade or the cool of the day in the middle of the hot sun. What do you need at night, when the temperatures fall and you’re huddled around yourselves, and you need some warmth, what do you need? Well, a fire would be handy, wouldn’t it? To give you warmth. That’s how the Father led the children of Israel with this substance, to show them the way in which they should go. Cloud by day to give them shade, fire by night, to give them warmth and illumination. That’s the love of the Father in providential circumstances, showing Himself in His love for you.

Let me illustrate this through salvation history. One of my favorite little unknown gems is J. Edwin Orr, and he wrote this book called Can God? This is the 1930s. He set out on a divine mission. The Lord said, “Go forth and spread seeds for revival and pray for revival all over the UK.” He’s like, “Lord, I have no money.” He says, “That’s okay. How much do you have in your pocket?” Edwin says, “I got about $3.” The Lord’s like, “That’s enough.” But he says, “I have no transportation.” The Lord says, “What do you have?”  “I have a bicycle.”  “Okay, Edwin that’s enough.” So literally he takes off on his bicycle and begins to travel 10,000 miles of miracles. All he has in his pocket are six letters of recommendation from various pastors of denominations in Belfast, Ireland to just let church leaders know that this guy is legit. So off he goes. His first city, he arrives in at midnight on his bicycle, is a town in England called Shrewsbury. He’s standing at the pillar of the town. Suddenly a policeman walks up. Now, remember he has no accommodation pre-booked, he has no food and he has no money, but he’s expecting God to have a divine appointment or a holy circumstance for him or His Providence to be present. This policeman walks up, a ‘bobby,’ as he’s known in England. You know, if you’re from England today, it’s a ‘bobby,’ and he was suspicious. So he says, “Who are you?” And Edwin says, “Well, I’m an evangelist. I’m here to plant seeds for revival.”  And the policeman says, “How am I to know that you are genuine?” So he says, “I took out my pocket book and picked one of six letters of recommendation. This one happened to be signed William Phillips. The Constable perused it carefully, and then shook my hand very warmly. Not only was he a Christian, but a personal friend of William Phillips.

Come on! Doesn’t that story excite you? That the God of Providence is already in your tomorrow?! So He can be speaking to you today. Hey, let’s pray. Father in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I stir up faith in everybody watching, that the God of Providence is there with them. The God of Providence is already in your tomorrow. So He can prepare the circumstances that as you walk forth into them, you recognize His hand is in that circumstance, and His love is real for you. I pray Father, an impartation of your love, for Love is speaking through the circumstances in the lives of each person. And I bless each of you today in the Name of Jesus, with the love of the Father through Providence, in Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.