Journeying With God

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

God gets in the midst of your life and He works Himself into the details, and that is incredibly powerful.
David McClure


Hi, my name’s David McClure. Welcome to God Today. I want to talk to you today a little bit about God’s journey and journeying with Him. You know, God has crafted us to be journeymen with Him. We oftentimes want lists of things we can do and should do, and we want to check our boxes as we go, because that’s the way we are as humans. We like to know what’s ahead. We don’t like unknown things, but the reality is God’s way more into the journey than He is giving you a list of how to’s and what-to-do’s ahead of time, so that you can just have it all figured out. I love that about Him, ’cause He’s personal. He gets in the midst of your life and He works Himself into the details, and that is incredibly powerful.

I can remember back as a young believer when I first started to grow in my faith.  I spent so much time with God on a daily basis, I worked 45 minutes away from home and I had to drive there every day and my commute was a lot, but I would take my lunch everyday and I’d drive out to the park and I would sit with Him. I’d read, I’d pray, I would call out to Him. At that point in my career, it was a young career, and I remember I had a big promotion. I had to go to Washington, DC to do a presentation, and my flight was very early in the morning. When I went out to the car that morning to go to the airport, I remember when I closed the door, His presence came on me so heavy and so hard. And at that moment, He said to me, “You’re going in a career path today, but I want you to know that I am your career. I am what you’re going to call your career.”  Something drastically changed in my heart that day, because I knew God came to claim my life afresh and to claim my life anew. Though I had a career path already worked out in my mind, He came and clarified my true path. And from that moment on, I knew that God was in control of my life in a fresh way. And that day was amazing because I remember when I flew back from my meeting that day, it was so profound to me, and I was so, so wrecked all day. I ran into the house and I said to my wife, “You’ll never believe what happened today!” And she was like, “What, what?” And I was like, “I got saved.” It was that profound, that it was almost like a fresh salvation experience that landed on my wife. And I can just remember being overwhelmed, but so excited.

And from that day on, God did amazing things. I wound up going through my career. I’m still in my career, but I’ve ministered in six nations, led a church, prophesied and preached all over the world. And it’s pretty amazing what God did because I knew that He changed my career projection and moved it His way and not my way.

I want to pray for you today that God will do that in your life. Father, I thank you that, God, you given us skills, talents, and passions about things in life. But I know today, Lord, that you’re leading us and guiding us in an amazing journey with you. And I pray that Father as you visit us individually, you would direct our steps, you would guide us and you would lead us in your way everlasting, as scripture says. That we wouldn’t be so locked into our list of how to’s and what-to-do’s, that we would deny the path you’ve chosen for us. And that you can use natural things to achieve supernatural promises and purposes in our lives. And Father, I know that you’re doing that today in your people. And I released the power of your Spirit and the power of the revelation that you want us on your journey with you, Father to each and every one of us, Lord. I pray today in Jesus’ Name, Amen.