Unity: Doing Life Together

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024

If you think about it, unity doesn't mean agreeing. Unity doesn't mean that we're always in agreement, that we're always doing the same thing the same way and we're kind of like a bunch of robots. Unity means that regardless of our differences, regardless of the way things appear that we do it together.
Eddie Tait


Hi, my name is Eddie. I’m the associate leader at Bethel Austin and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about unity in the body and the church itself being in unity. One of my favorite areas of Scripture – I feel like God has taken me here probably more than most areas of Scripture – is Psalm 133. The beginning of it is just so perfect for what God’s put on my heart lately. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head running down the beard, the beard of Aaron.”

It goes on and says a few other things, but that area is so significant that when we dwell together in unity, that is the anointing of God. It is the oil. It is the thing that actually is used to represent anointing. It’s like that oil running down the beard of Aaron, the priest, the one who spoke for God. If you think about it, unity doesn’t mean agreeing. Unity doesn’t mean that we’re always in agreement, that we’re always doing the same thing the same way and we’re kind of like a bunch of robots. Unity means that regardless of our differences, regardless of the way things appear that we do it together.

I had an incident with my family a while ago. It was an emotional time. There was a death in the family and a couple of my relatives got into a pretty hard disagreement and started accusing each other of some pretty horrible things. I was able to be there and sit down with them and talk to them and say, “I know you’re hurting and when you’re hurting, you hurt people sometimes. But the reality is that regardless if your accusations that you’re saying are true or not, it really doesn’t matter because we’re a family and we’re going to get through it together.”

There’s something significant about unity and doing things together as a family. And in that instance, there was an immediate realization that no matter what accusations or hurts were there, doing it together would get us through. It literally took a day to talk it out, to realize, “Wow, I had assumptions that weren’t necessarily true and some that were, but because we’re family, we will get through it together.”

The unity that God calls us to, to be together as family, to be all in one accord, means we’re not exactly the same, but it means we’re united. We’re woven together. A tapestry is made of thousands of different yarns and threads and colors. But when it works together, it becomes this beautiful picture. If we just stayed apart or just stayed exactly the same, we wouldn’t have the beauty of those types of tapestries. God’s calling us to be unified. God’s calling us to be together. Make sure that the people in your lives are actually a part of your life. Make sure you’re not separating yourself or isolating yourself from people. God wants us to be unified to see His heart and His desires manifest in and through our lives and all over this world.

Father right now, I thank You for each person that’s listening to this and each person who’s watching this. God, I thank You that there is something that you’re calling us to. You’re calling us higher. You’re calling us to a place of unity. God, I thank You that You want us to be of one accord. You want us to be bound to Your heart’s desires. We will always accomplish more as a family together than we will when we’re separated and isolated. I want to say this right now. You are not alone. There are people in your lives that are waiting for you to come back into that unified relationship. God bless you.