Trust In The Lord

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

We knew God was with us all the way, today we are prospering in ways we could have never dreamed.
Sam Caster


Hello, I am Sam Caster, founder of Manna Relief Ministries.  Welcome to God Today.  Listen, I just want to chat with you for a couple of minutes about how God will take you through all kinds of challenges in order to test you and get you ready for the purpose that He has in your life.  


Years ago, my wife and I felt an anointing that came on us.  Sort of a Joseph calling, to take care of the needs of fatherless children around the world. We had a very profitable business, it was international, and we were operating in 26 countries around the world.  As an entrepreneur, it was like a dream come true.  Then all of a sudden, the bottom fell out.  The company was sued by class action litigators, and government regulators, I mean, things went haywire.  And in the midst of it, we were challenged.  Did we hear God right?  Were we doing the right thing?  Was our business helping us fulfill our mission?  Was it an obstacle?


What we both felt, was that God was with us through it all.  Here is what is really incredible.  After it was all said and done, and I lost my company and everything went down, God birthed a new vision through us that we would have never looked for had we not gone through that.  Because we knew God was with us all the way, today we are prospering in ways we could have never dreamed.  Today we will fulfill the mission God called us to in a bigger way than we could have ever done before.


So, embrace those trials, you know.  Pray through those things because God has got your back on all of those.  Have a great day, guys!  See you soon!