Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Methods are very important to God.  How you treat money...How you treat your fellow minister... is very important.
Bill Hamon


God bless you.  I’m Dr. Bill Hamon.  I am the bishop of Christian National Apostolic Network.  We are celebrating our 50 years of activity this year and existence. I’m celebrating 64 years of my ministry.  When I started training the prophets back in the 80’s, I developed what we call the 10 “M’s”.  That’s your manhood, marriage, ministry, and methods, etc. I want to deal with methods. I remember in the early days of the 60’s I went to this evangelist’s meeting and the next day in the paper it said, “1000s were there, 100s got saved.”  I went to him the next day and I said, “I was there. There weren’t 1000s and 100s didn’t get saved. What are you doing?” He said, “Well. If I make it great people will get hungry and curious. They will come out and more people will get saved.”  And I said, “Do you think your lie justifies more people getting saved?” He said, “Sure.”

I’m going to tell you.  You can speak “evangelistically” but it’s still a lie, and it’s still a deception, and it’s still self-promotion.  And I want you to know – methods. I remember in the early days I was starting to travel and a pastor would take up an offering for me.  He would say, “This all goes to the evangelist, this all goes to this man.” There would be 300 people there and I’d get ready to leave they would give me an envelope for $25.  I’ve seen some pastors have some guy come and take my own offering. He would make up $15,000 or $20,000 and the church suffers for the next three months.


Listen, there are motives and then there are methods.  Methods are very important to God. How you treat money is very important. How you treat your fellow minister, how you treat the areas there is very important.  I pray right now that all your methods would be according to God’s divine order because that could be a chain link that could break and lose you. So, I ask God right now for wisdom and grace for you to be convicted and live righteously, and God rewards you greatly.