Recognizing The Voice Of God

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

God's very nature is encoded into all of creation, and those with eyes that would look to see, they will be able to recognize His voice speaking through what has been made.
Bethany Hicks


I want to share with you today, a powerful way that you can recognize the voice of God through what you see. Now, Romans 1:20 says this, “For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities –– both his eternal power and divine nature –– have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that man is without excuse.”

What that passage tells me is that God’s DNA, His very nature is encoded into all of creation and that those with eyes that would look to see, they will be able to recognize His voice speaking through what has been made. We actually see that God trained many of his prophets, particularly in the Old Testament this way. He would turn to these prophets like Amos, Zechariah, and Jeremiah. And He would say, “O son of man, what do you see?” And so for example, He turned to Jeremiah, “O, son of man, what do you see?” And here’s Jeremiah, who’s probably sitting in his hut in the day, kind of looking out his door and he sees a tree and he says, “I see the rod of an almond branch.” And the Lord says, “You have seen well,” and proceeds to explain what that means, prophetically. And again, He did this with Amos and Zechariah. They would maybe see a basket of fruit or a pot. And so again, we’re seeing that God was speaking through what they were physically seeing in creation.

Now, how can we do that? How do we actually recognize what God is saying? Well, there’s really two questions that we need to ask the Lord. The first is, “What catches your eye?” Okay. When you walk into a room or you meet someone for the first time, or maybe you’re walking around and something catches your eye, turn aside to look to see, because it could be the Lord getting your attention for Him to want to speak to you. And then the second question is this, “What does it mean?” Okay. So once something catches your eye, we turn aside and we focus on that thing, and then we ask the Lord, “Lord, what does this mean?”

Let me give you an example of what this can look like. Several years ago, I was part of a team in England and we were ministering prophetically to a group of leaders in a small room. Now there’s this couple that was standing up and they were an African couple and he was wearing a royal blue shirt and his wife was wearing a purple dress. Now there was nothing significant about what they were wearing. It was just that the color really stood out to me. Okay. So that color is what caught my eye, and I’ve learned to ask the Lord when something catches my eye in what I see in the natural realm around me to say, “Lord, what does this mean? Is this you speaking?” And so, as I was dialoguing with the Lord about this, I heard the Lord say that they are royalty, and He would speak to me about their royalty and how they’re called to walk with kings and queens. Now in the moment, it’s kind of funny looking back now, but I was kind of arguing a little bit with the Lord because I just felt like Lord, we’re all kings and queens. We’re all royalty. Like give me a word that’s really meaningful to them, but I could not shake this impression from the Lord that this couple was royalty. And I just shared what I felt like the Lord was saying about them, and I just prophesied that they were royalty. They were kings and queens and called to walk with leaders of nations. And, and there are some other things to the word that I don’t remember. Well, when the meeting was over, the man came forward and he said to us, he said, “Does she know who I am?” And we said, “Of course not. I’ve never seen you before.”  He said, “I am an ambassador to an African king,” and he had recently been exiled due to a coup in his nation. And he had just been asking the Lord, “Lord, am I ever going to be walking with kings and queens again?” Because he was used to walking on the arm of a king. And so that word that the Lord released to him was very encouraging to him in his current season and his walk. And then he asked, “Well, does she know who my wife is?” And of course, I didn’t know who his wife was at all. And he said, “My wife is the daughter of the king, so she literally was a princess.” So here is this word where I was dialoguing with the Lord and arguing with Him about royalty, and yet they truly were royalty.

But this is what I want you guys to catch today. It was all because they were wearing the color purple and royal blue. It was something that caught my eye in the natural world, and it caused me to ask the Holy Spirit, “What does it mean?” And He started to unveil and speak His heart and the treasures through those colors, through that clothing in a way that filled them with courage into their future and their destiny. And you know what? God can do the same with you today, wherever you are right now. Why don’t you just look around your room, look around creation, look to see what catches your eye, and then ask the Holy Spirit what He is speaking through that particular item.

Father, I thank you that you have hardwired every person here, Lord, to receive, to recognize and respond to your voice. And I thank you that you are speaking and communicating through all created things, and I pray that there would be an acceleration of revelation for everyone watching, Lord, to recognize your voice in the created realm, and to be an encouragement to the world around them, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.