Personal Testimony

Monday, July 10th, 2017

I don't need your brains, I need your heart, I need your obedience, I can work through anybody
Dutch Sheets


Hey Dutch Sheets here and all welcome you to God Today. Let me share with you what happened to me years ago when I was a very young Christian. I went on a mission trip to Guatemala and the Lord had challenged me to be used by Him in whatever way he wanted and while I was there they introduced me to a girl that was insane and tied to a tree and lived in the backyard of this little hut. And we said “why do you do tie in this little girl up?” and they said “she’s crazy we don’t know what to do with her”.

This is a village way out in the middle of nowhere they had no electricity, running water, or doctors and the Lord said to me “I want you to set her free” and I said Lord “I don’t do demony acts, I pray for people with headaches”.

He said “I want you to set her free”.

And I thought well what do I have to lose I’m going to give it a try and I prayed for her and Jesus set her free and the entire village was born again and came to Jesus.

I’m telling you that story because I was a baby Christian hadn’t been walking with God for very long. Didn’t know Greek word, or Hebrew words and hadn’t written books like I know now. And what God was teaching me was Look I don’t need your intellect, I don’t need your brains, I need your heart, I need your obedience, I can work through anybody.

I want to say to you, make yourself available to Him today. He wants to use you.

Lord I pray for everybody listening to me right now. That faith would rise in them and they would know that you want to use them to make a difference to set little girls free, to heal marriages, to heal the sick, to lead people to you. Lord I break off of them all of that intimidation. And everything that would say to them well that’s for so and so but I couldn’t do that yes they can show them how you want to use them today and I thank you for Jesus God Bless You.