Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

But, to want Him just for Him, is the secret...
Eric Gilmour


Hello GOD TV, I am Eric Gilmour with Sonship International. In Psalm 62:1 David says something that is very precious to me. He says, “My soul waits in silence for God alone.” This is very precious to me because I believe hidden in this statement is the secret of finding, experiencing, hearing, and enjoying God. And it is found in a very small portion of the verse, but it is very large in the foundation.
It says, “My soul waits in silence for God alone.” It is this ‘alone’ that is the key. If we are looking for God ‘and…’, we sabotage our experience of Him. But, to want Him just for Him, is the secret. If the soul will get quiet and say, “You O Lord are all that I desire and nothing on the earth do I desire besides You,” this is the secret of a lover’s language. This is the secret that you even hear spoken of at marriage ceremonies when they say “forsaking all others, keeping only to thee”. This sweet, bridal, intimate, soul desire is important, I believe, for the real experience of God.
David says “My soul,” that’s my mind, my will, and emotions, “they wait in silence,” not adding all these other things, “for You and You only. I am not trying to get You to do something for me, I just want You.”
So I pray even now that whatever it is that is on your heart, or even desires that constantly arise, I pray they’d all be silenced and snuffed out by the overwhelming conviction that God can be experienced, loved, and adored. I pray that you would be set free from the tyranny of longing for things other than God and that you would be free from add-ons and that you would see that His presence frees you from the need to have anything else. Amen.