Dealing With Fear

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

I just encourage you to reach deep into the Word of God to pull out those keys for breaking fear off your life.
Kristene DiMarco


Hi, I am Kristene Dimarco from Bethel Music and thank you for watching God Today. Often times people ask me how I deal with fear and I used to deal with it in more of a defensive posture like I was holding my ground and then God taught me to deal with it in an offensive posture. Fear affects most of the world. I think even today we see it all over the news and everything and it honestly doesn’t even have the right to touch us. Jesus said constantly in the Bible, “Fear not, fear not, fear not” and there is a reason why He said that because fear is the opposite of love. It’s what He is trying to show us in His Kingdom, love.

So fear and love cannot co-exist. It says, “perfect love casts out fear.” And, so I decided to take a more aggressive stance when it came to fear and this, for me personally, is when fear comes in like a flood, I am ready and I get angry and a lot of people deal with it, like I get happy, and I get joyful, but I get angry and I just take a stand like, you do not belong in my home and you do not belong in my heart and there is no place for you here. So I raise up a standard. It says that “when the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises up a standard” and I intend to do that. My standard is Christ. My standard is in His perspective and through His eyes, there is no reason to fear.

What is the worst that could happen on earth? And “if God is for me who is against me”. There are so many scripture verses in the Bible that you can go back to and quote and use them as standards and use them as barriers between yourself and fear. And so I just encourage you to reach deep into the Word of God to pull out those keys for breaking fear off your life. Don’t stand for it, don’t be in a defensive posture. Position yourself as a child of God, position yourself as a child of God who has all the resources of Heaven at their fingertips.

Let’s pray. God, I just pray for everybody out there struggling with fear, whatever it may be, the fear of death or whatever is going on in the world, the fear of failure, even the simplest fears, God, that get in the way of Your love. I just pray God that You raise up a standard. Will You teach us how not to be silent but to forcefully advance Your Kingdom on earth through love and I just pray that it would be easy to take a stand because of the power that is in Your Name. He says that “the Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe.” God, it is the power of Your Name. And, we praise You for that in Jesus Name. Amen.