Song of Solomon

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

How much more we can give His love away when we know of His love for us.
Pam Hanes


Hello, I’m Pam Hanes, with Pam Hanes Ministry.  Welcome to God Today.  My favorite book in the Bible is the Song of Solomon.  In many Bibles, it says, the Song of Solomon, “the most excellent of them all”.  And as I love the Song of Solomon and wonder why the Holy Spirit said, “the most excellent of them all”, is because it captures, in the most beautiful prose, in the most excellent language, how much the Lord loves His bride, how much the Lord loves you.  And it is literally an exquisite book that I highly recommend to all couples to read out loud to each other.  But, for each one hearing to set aside time to read that book and let the words wash over you because it speaks of love like it’s a fire.  It says, “this is what God would say about you.  My love burns like a fire for you, yes, like a mighty flame.  Waters cannot quench this love and rivers cannot wash it away. “

If we allow the Lord to love us in this way, we cannot help but respond with a heart on fire of love back towards Him.  I have two great love affairs in my life, and I am compelled to respond to the love that God has for me by keeping it going with a fire of love.  And out of my relationship with the Lord, and knowing His love for me, it overflows to my other great love affair with my husband.  Until we are immersed in the revelation of the love of God, how much more we can give His love away when we know of His love for us.

Catherine of Siena who was a nun and a mystic.  The only book of the Bible that she had all the days of her life was the Song of Solomon.  It was her daily meditation.  And after years of reading it over and over again, washing her spirit, she said, “God is like a crazed drunken man, in love with His people.”  That’s an amazing thing, a revelation of how much God loves us.  

I just want to pray today, that you enter into a new season.  One of the closing scriptures in the Song of Solomon is, “I saw her coming up, out of the wilderness, leaning on the arm of her beloved”.  If you’ve been in a wilderness season, I feel like the Lord is saying, He’s stretching forth His hand and saying,”Come forth out of your wilderness season, and lean on that arm, and know that together we are in the season of spring.”  Every blessing receives the great words of the fire of His love for you.  In Jesus’ name.