Dedicating Your Dream Life To God

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Dedicate your dream life to God through prayer every day. And then begin to value your dreams by writing them down and inviting the Holy Spirit to help you with the interpretation.
Sterling Harris


I want to encourage you today to dedicate your dream life to God and begin to value your dream life, because God loves dreams. What does dedicating your dream life to God look like? Well, for me, I would encourage you to have a heart position and also a daily and weekly prayer. I have prayed for so many years over myself, over my children, over my wife, “Lord, I thank you for visiting us in dreams and visions. God, I thank you for showing us the interpretation of these dreams. And God, we dedicate our dream lives to you in Jesus’ name. God, visit us. Help us to become more like you. Amen.” That’s my heart position, but it’s also some variation of that prayer. I pray over myself, my wife, my kids, at least on a weekly basis, if it’s not a nightly basis. But that’s always been my heart position. God visit me in dreams and visions. Not always. I say, when I got the revelation of dedicating your dream life to God, that’s been my heart position and my prayer for so many years.

And then valuing your dream life. What does that look like? It looks like writing your dreams down, talking over with God. I use the talk to text option on my phone, because it’s a lot quicker. So when I wake up in the morning, or even if I’m going to bed at night and God wakes me up with a dream, I’ll kind of write down what the dream is kind of about. So it’ll jog my memory in the morning where I can talk to text the dream with more detail, because I don’t want to wake up my wife. So that’s just a practical deal. You can talk to text it and that’s a lot quicker. Or you can write it down on your phone.

Dreams can be metaphorical, figurative, symbolic, or they can be literal. For instance, a baby in a dream doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a baby. It can, but metaphorically, it means that God’s birthing something new in you and that something new is small. It can be something that God’s calling you to. A new business, it can be a new facet of your relationship. It can be something that’s going on with your kids. Practically, it can be anything depending on the context of the dream and even the way the dream is lit. So if the dream is light lit, it generally means that God is bringing enlightenment to you in some way, shape or form. Maybe in an encouragement. Maybe He’s trying to highlight something in your life. If it’s a night dream or an evening dream or dark lit, it often symbolizes something that’s bringing darkness or sin or fear into your life. That’s just a general aspect of dream interpretation.

So I just want to encourage you to begin to dedicate your dream life to God through prayer every day. And then begin to value your dreams by writing them down and inviting the Holy Spirit to help you with the interpretation. You can also use resources like There’s also a lot of different ministries that teach about dream symbology and what certain symbols and dreams mean metaphorically and literally.

So I just want to encourage you to value your dream life, dedicate it to God.  And then also sow into this by making yourself more aware and educating yourself, and getting the resources you need to properly help yourself partner with the Holy Spirit in getting the interpretation of that dream.

So I just want to pray a blessing over you. Jesus, I thank you as they listen to this, that they are agreeing with this video. They are agreeing with me in the Spirit to dedicate their dream life to you. Say this with me: I dedicate my dream life to Jesus. Amen.

Lord, thank you for visiting them in dreams and visions. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving them interpretation to their dream. And, God, just release a greater anointing of dreams and visions over them and their families. God, visit them with God dreams in Jesus’ name.

Remember this, Jesus loves you. He cares. And you are the best representation of Jesus if you follow Him, that some people will ever meet. God bless you, have a powerful and blessed day.