Dimensions of Prayer Part 3: Trusting God as Judge

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

We are coming and standing before His courts in a legal manner and in a legal way.
Robert Henderson


This is Robert Henderson and this is God Today. As I said earlier in some of the devotions that you’ve heard, I am known primarily for the court of Heaven teaching.  And how Jesus actually put prayer in three dimensions. He talked about approaching God as a father, as a friend, and as a judge.  That’s in Luke 11, but then Luke 18.

We talked about approaching God as Father and as friend, but the third realm is approaching God as judge.  When we approach God as judge, we are actually stepping into a spiritual dimension that is called “the courts of Heaven”.  This is found in Daniel 7:10, where “the court was seated and the books were opened”. We literally have a right to come and stand in the courts of Heaven and begin to present cases before the courts for God’s will to be done in the Earth.  You see, let me explain this to you just briefly. There is a very real court system in Heaven that God says you are a part of.

In Isaiah 43:25-28 it says, “God will blot out our transgression, remember our sins no more,” now watch what He is about to say.  He says, “Let us contend together, put me in remembrance and state your case that you may be acquitted.” He says there, “Come and remind me of what I have said.  Tell me what I have spoken in my word. Use my word as a means of presenting cases before me in the courts of Heaven so that you are giving me the legal rights I need to be able to answer your prayers from Heaven and manifest them into the Earth.  That is because we are coming and standing before His courts in a legal manner and in a legal way.

Let me pray for you.  Father, I pray for all those who are watching.  I pray they would boldly come before the courts of heaven and begin to present their cases so that verdicts can come out of the courts and be made manifest in the Earth.  This is our rightful place as your children and as your people. I thank you for it in Jesus’ name. Amen.