153 Fish

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

The Word is there to show us a lot of things, but it's also there to reveal to us God, Himself.
Scott Sekulow


Shalom. I’m Rabbi Scott Sekulow and welcome to God Today. You know one of my favorite stories comes out of the book of John and it talks about Yeshua telling them to cast and get the fish. And it talks about them casting on one side and getting nothing and then casting on the right side. And when they cast the way that God told them to, it said that they brought up so many fish that literally the nets were full. But it’s interesting. John tells us the number of fish: 153.

Why is that important? You know, the Word is there to show us a lot of things, but it’s also there to reveal to us God himself. The interesting thing in Judaism is that each word has numeric order. And 153 represents the word “I am God.” You see, Yeshua shows in many ways how he is our Father. Sometimes we see it straight out, and sometimes it’s that little hidden thing that goes on. What signs do you see in your life that God shows not only you but your friends and those people around you that He is God? He wants us to be that light unto the world. He wants us to be those fishermen to go and catch and show the world that He is God. We need to cast on the right side. We need to do it God’s way. When we share our faith with those who don’t know him, guess what, they’re caught and brought in to the kingdom. We can be a part of that. I want to encourage you to take that step and cast that net so people can know that he is God.

Let’s pray. Abba, Father, we come before you today. Lord, let us cast those nets out, and let us catch those 153 fish. Lord, let it be a sign to those that don’t know you, that you are God. Amen.