Prayer Through Worship

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Change the direction of your worship.  Get it off of you and get it on to Him.
Roy Fields


Hi, I’m Roy Fields with Run With Fire Ministries.  Thank you for watching God Today. I want to share with you, briefly, on the subject of worship.  You know, I believe with all my heart that worship is the highest form of prayer. You know why? Because you’re not asking God for anything.  You’re not asking for Him to come and touch you, you aren’t asking for him to come and do something for you. Worship is the highest form of prayer because you are actually saying to God, “I love you.  You’re awesome. You’re wonderful.” You’re adoring Him. You are giving Him adoration. It’s not about you.


Many people have a misconception of worship is about them.  They want to come and feel it and everything. I enjoy feeling the presence of God, but you know what?  If you will change what you are doing in worship, and turn it away from you and on to Him, things will start to change in your life.  When you begin to worship Him and tell Him how awesome He really is, and you start to say, “God, I just love you because of who you are and what you have done.  I don’t even need anything right now.”

It’s funny – every time I have ever led worship, when I have led it from that posture, from that place to Him, I all of a sudden, instantly begin to feel His love coming back on me.  When you love God – He already loves you – but when you love God in worship, you will automatically feel it. Some people make a mistake because they think, “Hmm, I am feeling this so I am going to get something from this next time I go and worship.”  I want to encourage you to change the direction of your worship. Get it off of you and get it on to Him. Don’t just do it with your lips, do it with your heart. Adore Him. That’s why worship, I believe, is the highest form of prayer. There is nothing like it.