Hearing The Active Voice Of God

Friday, June 23rd, 2023

You can sit with God and say, "God, how do you see me?" "God, what are you saying about me?"
Sterling Harris


I want to talk to you today about how you can hear the active voice of God every day in your life. God speaks in a combination of three activities, or three ways. First is inner visual. This can look like a mental picture, a mental image. It can look like God using your imagination in the screen of your mind to show you literal or figurative realities, inner visually. Jesus said, “I can only do what I see the Father doing.”  What was He talking about? He was talking about the internal visual communication that God was giving Him.

The other combination, the second one would be a flow of thoughts. So this often will sound like the voice of your own conscience, but it’ll come with a flow and a peace and a wisdom to it that won’t be your own. A lot of times God will bring something to your remembrance or you’ll get a thought impression about something. And as you ask Him an open-ended question like, “God, what are you saying about this?”  A lot of times you’ll get this mental picture, but then you also get a flow of thoughts or a thought impression. Or, maybe you’ll see a word in your mind that you have a thought impression about what that means.

The third combination or category, is that God speaks kinetically. And so we know that Jesus was moved by the Holy Spirit in His spirit, and the Bible says He was moved by compassion. So, I want to encourage you to be internally aware. This looks like a peace or a lack of peace. Everyone knows that gut feeling that we’ve all had, and people have said, “Oh, something told me to do something.”  Well, what they were talking about is they had a gut feeling and then they had like an inner impression about what God was saying. And so this is actually God’s active voice, it’s what God is actively saying right now.

So I just want to encourage you to begin to press into this every day and ask God open-ended questions. You can sit with God and say, “God, how do you see me?” “God, what are you saying about me?” Close your eyes and God will often give you a thought impression. You’ll see a word in your mind or a mental image, or just a kinetic feeling of peace. In your daily life, say, “God, what are you saying about this circumstance?” And give Him room to speak.

So I just want to pray for you. Jesus, I thank you that as they watch this, God, that the flow of your voice is clarion. It’s clear, God, that you would give them great revelation of their daily lives, God, and that you love them so much. God, increase their hearing in Jesus’ name. I always want you to remember that Jesus loves you and that He cares. Have a great day.