Dragon Slayer

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Just because fear and strife are real, it doesn’t mean the threat itself is real. Knowing the truth will make you a mental dragon slayer.
Troy Brewer


Hello, my friends.  I am Pastor Troy Brewer, form Open Door Church in Burleson, Texas.  I bless you and want to welcome you here today, to God Today. You know, so much of the strife that you and I deal with happens within our very limited brainspace.  It is typically over things that are not actually happening. On top of that we tend to do things like fretting about the future, we fantasize about possible outcomes, and we rehearse for fights that will never happen.

That comes from talking to snakes.  I want to encourage you today not to do that.  I like to call these imagines threats “dragons”.  Now, a lot of dragons that I have fought have not been over what people actually thought about me, but they were battles over what I thought other people thought about me.  That’s crazy. I have exhausted myself about things that are not even real. I try really hard not to do that anymore. The Bible says the devil comes in the symbolic form of a serpent trying to deceive us.  He is also pictured as a roaring lion that represents condemning, accusation, a looming threat you might say.

For me, the scariest form of the devil from hell is a dragon.  The Good Book mentions the word dragon in the book of Revelation exactly 13 times.  It’s an overwhelming threat, there is not anything you can do. You cannot stop it. It is going to chew you up, it is going to get you.  You know what? Dragons are not real. Just like the shark from the movie Jaws, that haunts our minds every time we get into a river or a backyard swimming pool, the threat of a dragon messes with or heads.  You know what I am talking about. You know the famous “dun dun, dun dun, dun dun”. It plays in your mind – you’re in a pond! I mean come on, there isn’t going to be a shark in there.

The devil is just like that.  Just because fear and strife are real, it doesn’t mean the threat itself is real.  Knowing the truth will make you a mental dragon slayer. You know that the Bible says about the truth.  It says, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” That’s John 8:32. I refuse to spend my time my energy, or my battles on things that do not exist.  By refusing to do so, I am better equipped to win the real battles that are going to be coming my way. Are you ready for that?

Today is a great day to stop listening to snakes and stop fighting imaginary enemies.  The truth will set you free to win the real battle – the eternal life of the lost and the broken.  Let’s you and I pray about that. King Jesus, sir, we want to give you our heads today. God, we give you our minds today.  Father God, sir, you are real, you are true. Sir, we want to focus upon you. Father God, we ask, God, for forgiveness. For fighting battles that exhaust us, that aren’t even real.  I pray, God, you would move us into a warrior stance of fighting what is real for your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Wow, I love that. My friends, that is all the time I have for today.  I am Troy Brewer. I call you the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, and highly favored of the Lord. Bye bye.