Come Away With Me

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Be able to guard your time with God. He wants to refresh you.
Ana Werner


Hi, I am Ana Werner with Ana Werner Ministries and welcome to God Today.  There have been a lot of times that I have heard a similar, or the same phrase over and over from God.  Do you ever get that? Where He speaks to you again and again. It’s like, “I didn’t get it the first time, God.”  He speaks to me a lot with this phrase. I hear His voice and He says, “Come away with me, Ana. Won’t you come away.”  In that order.


No matter what – it is usually in a moment where I am super busy.  I am doing a lot of things. I had this happen to me just recently, the other day.  My husband and I are doing a renovation right now on a house. There are a ton of things to be done.  We are literally stripping this house down to its bare bones. I was in the middle of trying to plan the design of the house and then I thought, “Oky, but I have to plan my daughter’s homeschool material for the week.”  I had a lot of things going on in my mind. Do you ever get that? Your mind races.


I heard Jesus.  I heard His voice in my head.  I heard, “Come away with me, Ana.  Won’t you come away.” Right then I said, “Okay, I am going to stop what I am doing.  Lay everything down, go sit out in the living room with a cup of coffee. I am going to sit and just spend time with God.”  I only had 10 minutes of alone time before my kids woke up from their nap. That 10 minutes where I got really still, and just spent time with Him, was more refreshing than had I tried to tackle all these projects.  I wanted to conquer the world in those 10 minutes. But, sitting with Him was more refreshing than had I done that.


There is a scripture in Matthew 26:36, where Jesus is with His disciples in the Garden and it is before He is about to face the cross.  We know He sits and spend intimate time with the Father – praying to God. He said to His disciples, “Won’t you just sit and pray for me?”  It is like He is saying, “Won’t you just be with me here, in this moment.” I believe there is an invitation for all of us. Life gets busy.  It gets really busy. It is busy for you, I bet, if you are watching this. There is always that invitation. “Come away with me, won’t you come away.” From God.  He is so hungry after intimacy with us. He just wants to spend time with you today. Spending time with God, I do believe, means saying no to other things. I want to pray for you that the Lord would just lift some things off your shoulders so you can really get that time.  Be able to guard your time with God. He wants to refresh you.


In Jesus’ name, I pray right now, for whatever burdens, whatever things we are going through, God.  You would take a moment and just lift them off our shoulders and bring us into intimacy, God. Lord, show us things that we are holding that we don’t need to be doing right now.  That we can say no to, or put on hold on the shelf for later. God, we want to spend time with you. This is more important – spending time with you – is more important than anything else we could be doing.  Would you come and just refresh us today. Amen.