Spiritual Principles

Monday, January 20th, 2020

Power of agreement, your power of faith, and your words are going in the same direction - you cannot be stopped.
KC Craichy


Hello, this is KC Craichy, Founder, and CEO of Living Fuel and minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Welcome to God Today. Today we’re going to talk about spiritual principles in business and in life.  Simple little things. See, a lot of times in a business, two people will get together and they’ll talk about this idea.  This vision that one has – you know you talk about “visionaries”. They talk about the vision. And the vision is caught by the second person.   This is the power of agreement – you have a vision and the power of agreement. The Bible says that two or more are gathered together in agreement, they will have what they ask for.  Jesus is in the midst to make happen what they ask for. The power of agreement is really important. If you’re doing an organization or being a part of an organization, having everyone understand the vision and agree to the vision, magnifies the power of that vision and brings it to reality.

There are a couple of other principles that we add to this – the power of faith.  Yes, you have to believe in order to agree. You can’t be a believer without believing – so to speak.  So, if you literally will believe that vision, and focus on that vision, and make that vision more real, and keep talking about it, and selling the people in your organization on the vision itself.   Now you’ve added the power of agreement and the power of faith to that situation. That makes it that the faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain. This is an exceptionally important principle.

Another one I’ll put in there for you is the power of confession.  Jesus is the High Priest of our confession. I know it’s of our faith, but it’s also about the words that come out of our mouth.  So, when someone asks you how you’re doing make sure you’re speaking what you’re believing – not what you’re seeing. As long as your power of agreement, your power of faith, and your words are going in the same direction – you cannot be stopped.  God bless you and have an amazing day.