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Saturday, February 8th, 2020Scott Sekulow

Full Armor Of God


Shalom, I’m Rabbi Scott Sekulow of Congregation Beth Adonai and welcome to God Today.   Today I want to share with you a topic of putting on the full armor of God. Now, many of you as kids were in Sunday School and they would have you take out a piece of paper and draw the full armor of God and it was always a Roman soldier.  Right? But, there’s a problem with that because who are the enemies of the Jewish people? The Romans. So why would putting on the full armor of God mean looking like our enemy? On the contrary – God wants us to look like Him.   


Who are His soldiers?  They were the Levites, they were the priests.  So, when we look at putting on the full armor of God, we’re actually putting on our priestly garments.  The breastplate represents the breastplate the high priest wore. The hat represented his crown. But, most importantly, his faith represents the Bible – the word that we can stand by.  These are the elements that we have. And God’s sword? That’s the amazing thing. That’s the “shofar” – God’s weapon of mass destruction that can take down walls... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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