Draw Close

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

There is a place in ministry where we can be so caught up in serving that we forget to draw close to Jesus.
Jordan Morris


Hi, I’m Jordan Morris with Together in the Harvest and this is God Today. There’s a subject I want to share with you very briefly today that I’ve often heard preached, and this has come from a lot of different directions, and you find this story in Luke chapter 10. It’s the story of Jesus who stops at the house of Mary and Martha, and he’s invited in, and the way you often hear this preached is that Martha was in essence, the bad person that you don’t want to be like. Mary was the good person. We don’t want to be like Martha, we want to be like Mary. But today I want to look at a different angle to this and how we can look at this story and how this can apply to your life.


See, we read the famous scripture that Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and Martha says these words, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to do the serving on my own?” But the one thing I want you to draw from this is the fact that she said, “Lord, do you not care that Mary has left me?” Now this suggests to me, that there was one point, and it was also normal in that day that women served and did all the work in the house. This means that at one point, Mary was serving with Martha, but she left the serving to sit at the feet of Jesus. I hope you can already tell what the most valuable lesson we can learn from this is, and today I want to share that with you. That is that there is a place in ministry where we can be so caught up in serving that we forget to draw close to Jesus. You see, what this story shows me was this: Mary was serving, but she found that there was something more important, and that was sitting at the feet of Jesus.

I want to encourage you today, do not be so caught up in the life of ministry and of serving that you forget to sit at the feet of Jesus. Mary knew that it was important to serve, but Jesus said it in his own words that she has found that one good thing that will not be taken away from her and that is to sit at the feet of Jesus. I want to invite you today, don’t get caught up in all of the serving of the world when there’s a more important place, and that is drawing close to the feet of Jesus.

Let me pray for you. Dear Jesus, I pray today for these precious viewers. That you would draw them by your most wonderful Holy Spirit to the place where we receive life itself, and that is at your feet, Jesus. Lord, teach them the importance that all ministry flows from the source that is You Jesus yourself. Father, I pray that you would draw them into the place of intimacy that they will find not an ideological theology, but they will find you, Jesus, in your precious name, Amen.