Thursday, March 19th, 2020

When the attacks come, just laugh because you are coming forth with a blessing if you keep your confession and trust God.
Cara Nordeen


Hello, my name is Cara Nordeen and I am here today with God Today.  I want to share with you about battles. The battles we go through in life.  God doesn’t bring the battles, it is not something He is bringing to your life.  But, He does allow His children to go through battles. We go through things in our life and it just seems like there is a whirlwind going on in your finances, or your family life, or your job.  That is what we call battles. But, when you go through something significant like that, don’t go through that in the precept of just wanting to survive or praying to God you just come out alive.


We, as Christians, He gives us the setbacks, He allows the setbacks because He is setting us up for the increase.  I am telling you today, I am going to let you know when God allows a battle to come forth in your life, so you can exercise the intercession in your prayer, and exercise your authority over the enemy, He is wanting you to come out of that battle with spools of war.  He wants you to come out of the other side of that thing increased in your goods, increased in your storehouse, increased in your family, increased in your job. Everywhere increased. Our God us a God of multiplication, not a job of subtraction. It is only the enemy who will come to kill, steal, and destroy.  Our God is a God of multiplication. When He allows a battle to come forth, He is only giving you a set up for you to come through with an increase.


I have a seer anointing and I am sensing right now that someone is really struggling with a financial battle.  You are feeling like you are at the end of your rope. You have tried everything, there is no credit for you. I am telling you we serve a God who has a camel on a thousand hills.  We don’t live off our table, we live off our Master’s table. Everything that is God’s He gives us freely. I am here today because I feel like the Lord is saying to you, “Give an offering.  Give something into the offering. When you do it say, ‘Lord, I am asking you to multiply it.’” God is going to multiply your offering. He is going to bring forth the increase you need to take care of the bills you need to pay.  Our God is a God that brings us through. He is on time and He is never late. We think He is always showing up at 11:59, but our God is always on time.


I want to encourage you to entrust the Lord today.  Every battle you come through, begin to start claiming a 7 fold return, a 7 fold blessing on the other side of that thing.  I have been through many battles that were just like “God, what in the world is happening?”


My husband and I came back from a trip that we were ministering to, You Challenge Women’s Retreat.  We did for the ladies, ministering to women coming off drugs. We came back and our water heater looked like someone had squeezed the metal, braided hoses. There was water shooting all over our den.  You would think, “Oh my goodness! This is a big storm.” We looked at it and said, “Oh, devil, you are going to have to give us a 7 fold return on that. God has just set us up for a blessing.” You know, we came through that with spoils of war.  We came through that with enough money to get my husband’s truck back on the road, we came through that with having enough money left over to get a new dishwasher. We ended up with the best carpet, the best padding, we ended up getting central heating and air in that room.  All because the enemy tried to come forth and attack us.


I wanted to encourage you that when the attacks come, just laugh because you are coming forth with a blessing if you keep your confession and trust God. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Cara Nordeen with God Today.