Being a Thirsty Generation

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

No matter where you’re at, no matter how thirsty you are, God says I’ll give you something to drink.
Pat Schatzline


Hello, this is Pat Schatzline with Remnant Ministries International and welcome to God Today. Have you ever been thirsty? My wife wrote a book called Dehydrated. Karen Schatzline wrote the book Dehydrated and I love the book because she talks about the fact that the Bible talks about streams in the desert. We have a thirsty generation. Jesus became the living water. One of my favorite stories and Karen writes about it is found in John chapter 4. The Bible says it’s noon, it’s the hottest time of the day, nobody goes to the well during that time of the day. The disciples go shopping, they go to get groceries and Jesus walks to a well. The Bible says He sits down at Jacob’s well. Well, who is Jacob? Jacob was the deceiver. Jesus sits down on the deceiver for you and I. But standing at the well is a woman, a Samaritan woman. She’s considered dirty, she’s considered half-breed, she’s considered filthy. In fact, the Bible said that she had had six different men.

Now a lot of people think this girl probably was like, you know, man, she was wild. She was crazy, she was prostitute type. No. No, she had been rejected by five, was living with another man. She had been rejected by six men probably because she couldn’t have children. Because if she had been a wild child, they would’ve stoned her back then. But the Bible says that Jesus walks up to the well and says give me something to drink. She can’t believe he’s talking to her and then Jesus begins to prophesize, he begins to tell her life to her. It messes her up because that’s what prophecy is, it’s what tongues are, for the unbeliever and all of a sudden, Jesus said if you knew who was asking you, you would understand that I can give you something to drink forever. I’ll give you water. No matter where you’re at, no matter how thirsty you are, God says I’ll give you something to drink but my favorite part of that whole thing is she had had six men but she met the seventh. Number six is the number of man but she met the seventh, perfection. She met the Savior. No matter what you’re walking through, no matter — and she became the greatest evangelist. She leaves her pot of water there, goes into Samaria and brings the whole city out. This filthy woman brought the whole city to meet Jesus.

Here’s what I want to say to you. If you’re thirsty today, Jesus’ business card would say this, come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. That’s what it would say on Jesus’ business card. So, no matter what you’re going through, Jesus said I’ll give you streams of water that’ll never run dry. Let’s pray together. Father, I pray for a refreshing, a drink of your love, a drink of your glory, a drink of your presence. I pray that you refresh every person today whether they’re in a car, on their way to school, sitting at work, wherever they’re at. Maybe they’re sitting in a dark place. I pray that they meet the seventh man and they get a drink of water. In Jesus’ name. Amen.