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Monday, May 4th, 2020Joseph Mattera

Wisdom Of God


This is Joseph Mattera, welcome to God Today.  I want to speak about the wisdom of God revealed through the Church.  That is right, what I just said.  God’s wisdom is actually supposed to come through the church.  Paul the Apostle said in chapter 3 of the book of Ephesians, “that he was made a minister according to the gift of the grace of God given to him by the effective working of his power.”  Then he says in verse 9, “that he was called to reveal to all people what is the administration of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages was hidden in God who created all things in Jesus Christ.” 


So he is talking about God, the Church, creation, and in that context, he says in verse 10, “So that now,” meaning everything I just read is setting up this, “the manifold wisdom,” the many varying wisdom of God, “might be made known through the Church.” Not just to the Church but through the Church, “to the principalities and powers in Heavenly places according to the eternal purpose, which was complete in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


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