Be Your Husband’s Cheerleader

Thursday, February 17th, 2022

One thing I've learned through the years, is how much smoother our marriage goes when I just remember to be his biggest cheerleader.
Sofia Ortiz


Hi, my name is Sofia and I’m with God TV, and today I’m going to be talking about how to be your husband’s cheerleader. So I know that there’s men who are watching this. You can watch it still. I encourage you to watch it or pass this along to your wife. But, that is what is on my heart to talk to you about this morning, today is the importance of wives,us being our husband’s cheerleader. 

They are out there just working and battling in their own way. And I just, I’ve been married for 18 years to my high school sweetheart, Mike. And one thing I’ve learned through the years is how much just smoother our marriage goes when I just remember, I want to be, I love him, and I want to be his biggest cheerleader. He is fighting battles with just work and being a husband, a provider, a father, and just being that man that God’s called him to be. And those times when I’ve been his cheerleader, those days in those seasons where I’m just rooting him on, cheering him on, I kid you not, it’s amazing what happens in what, how I see him. Just the difference in the strength that he has. And he’s actually stopped me a few times throughout our marriage, quite a number of times, and just been like, man, when I know that you’re behind me, that you’re cheering me on, it’s like, I can accomplish anything. Like, I feel like I can just do anything. 

And so that is my prayer for those of you ladies, wives, even if you’re not married yet, but you want to be that’s my prayer for, and it’s a prayer for myself, is that we would be our husband’s biggest cheerleader, that we would be praying for them, that we would be speaking over them, that we would just be as they’re going out to work declaring being like, babe, you look amazing. You’re the hottest man I’ve ever seen. You are so successful. You are so smart. You are so creative. And not saying it in a way where you’re being like cheeky and like undercutting or where he thinks you’re being sarcastic, but genuinely just speaking and declaring amazing things over him and praying for him. And it doesn’t take, the crazy thing is, it doesn’t take that much time, but it makes so much difference. I cannot even tell you the difference it makes in our marriage when I take the time to do that. 

So that is my prayer for you, ladies. And men, something that my husband always says, just to give you a nugget too, is he’s always saying, oh gosh, how does he say it? But he’s always like, speak what you want to see, call out the goodness, the gold in your wife. And it’ll be amazing what you’ll see. And it’s so true when he just calls me beautiful. When he tells me I’m an amazing wife and an amazing mom, that I’m doing a great job at work and he speaks those things, I want to be more beautiful for him. I want to be more attractive for him. I want to take better care of him, better care of the kids. And so, that’s my nugget for you men is that you would just call out the gold in your wives, that you would just pour that out on them as well. So be blessed today, friends! Have a good one.