All In

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

That is the best thing about going all in for God - you don’t have to do it alone.
Paul Pemberton


Hi, my name is Paul Pemberton.  I am a student evangelist with Christ For All Nations, welcome to God Today.  Today I want to talk to you about something that is extremely important and so relevant in this day and age.  That is, are you all in for God?


You know, you think about Jesus and His ministry, and He was all in for you.  God was all into Jesus.  There was an all in, no compromise factor to His ministry and His life.  We ask, “What would Jesus do?”  Jesus would go all in.  He would not hang on the shore.  He wouldn’t hesitate.  He would go all in.  And God is looking.  In fact, the Bible says God is searching the Earth back and forth, looking for those whose hearts are fixed on Him who is all in for Him.


A common misconception with going all in for God is we get a misconception about what we think because we relate it to going all in in the natural.  In the natural, when you go all in you have to give it every ounce of your own strength in a way that is out of your own doing.  But the difference with God is, yes, give every ounce of your own strength, but it is on His power.  That is the best thing about going all in for God – you don’t have to do it alone.


I feel there are a lot of people watching this today that have had that desire to go all in for God. To give God everything, to go the extra mile, to surrender.  But, they are doing it out of their own strength.  I did this myself.  And out of your own strength, you can only get so far and that’s part of the lesson that we learn as we go all in for God.  “God,” in the crying out to Him, “God! I need your help. Help me to go all in for you!  Help me to surrender all to you.  Help me to want to go all in for you.”  Give Him the very basic needs that you have that desires of your heart.  Invite Him into those places with a sincere heart and watch what He does as He leads you to go all in for Him.  God is all in for you, will you do the same today?  


Let me pray for you.  God, I just pray a blessing of your fiery love over every single person watching this video.  Lord, we just welcome you, Holy Spirit, for those that are called to go all in.  May they go all in.  God, come and intercede and intercept us where we are at.  Intercept us, and intervene where we are at so that we may take that step of faith and go all in for you.  And remind us, God, that it is not out of our own doing, for you are here with us.  I bless you in Jesus’ name.