Jesus Is Our Great Intercessor

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Stand in the gap for others. Know that Jesus is standing in the gap for you and know that other believers - me today - that I am standing in the gap for you.
Jennifer Mallan


Hi, I am Jennifer Mallan from Reliant Family Church in Tampa, Florida. Welcome to God Today. Listen, I don’t know where you are in your life right now. I know this though: Every one of us has a God story. And part of our God story we know about, but when we get to heaven, the scope is going to widen. And we are going to see all the people who have prayed for us, all the people who interceded for us, all the people who stood in the gap for us, all the people who sought God’s face on our behalf that we may never know about.


We are also going to be able to see all the times that we were obedient and we prayed for someone else other than ourselves. See, intercession and intercessory prayer is not “I” prayer, it is “we” prayer. It is me standing in the gap and praying for someone else. It is me going before the Father and lifting up someone else or their needs to heaven. And believing that thy Kingdom will come and thy will be done on earth in that person’s life, as it is in heaven. Heaven is perfect, heaven is full, heaven is complete, heaven is miraculous. Heaven has everything we need. But many times we get weary, we can’t access it, we are lost, we are blind, we are burdened, we are beat-up by the enemy, we are isolated, and so we need help.


Jesus knew we would need help, so first of all, Jesus is the greatest intercessor there ever is. There is a song that came out years ago, I am aging myself, by Babbie Mason, called “I’ll Be Standing In The Gap For You”. And when I would hear that song, it would just make me weep. Because I didn’t know Babbie Mason, but when she sang that song, I really believed the sincerity of her voice and the anointing. I believed that she was standing in the gap for me while she sang that song. And if nobody else understood, somehow God was letting me know that there were people out there interceding for me. And I am grateful. I am grateful for praying grandmother, I am grateful for praying friends, I am grateful for the people who prayed me through situations that I would have never gotten through had it not been for them. 


I am also wanting to be more cognizant about praying for others. So, I guess what I am saying today is, number one, if you do not feel covered, loved, interceded for, if you have lost hope, if you feel stuck, if you feel lethargic, if you feel like you have lost your first love, know that Jesus is interceding for you. He is our great high priest, He is our Melchizedek, He is at the right hand of the Father, He is interceding for you. He is standing in the gap for you.


Secondly, if you need someone, I want you to know, today I am standing in the gap for you. I am praying in the Spirit for you, I am speaking the Word over you. And the Word never returns void. I am believing that no matter what situation you are in, God can do a miracle. God can get you out of it. God can reverse it. God can do it suddenly. God can surprise you. God can overwhelm you with His presence, His love, His grace, His forgiveness, His mercy. And, also, I am speaking to others. That God is saying, “Will you intercede? I have so many that need my help right now. I have so many causes and so many areas where the enemy looks like he may be winning. And I need my people who are called by my name to humble themselves, to turn from their wicked ways, to seek my face, to pray. 


Listen, when we do those things, that is our role. But God’s response is that He will hear from heaven. And that He will heal our land, our situation, our people, our lostness. And so, I just want to encourage you. Stand in the gap for others. Know that Jesus is standing in the gap for you and know that other believers – me today – that I am standing in the gap for you.


Father, touch my brother, touch my sister. God, touch this little one that is watching. God, touch this person that’s backslidden, that knew you at one time, but their heart has waxed cold. God, touch this one that is being riddled with guilt, and shame, and condemnation. Touch, Father God, this person that feels there is no way back. The Lord wants you to know, you may have taken 100 steps away, but guess what? To come back to the Father’s house is just one step. One decision. One “yes”. One open heart. One knowing that He loves you. He will always love you. One of the best promises in the Bible is, “I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.” Come home. The Father’s house is the best place to be.