Calling on the Name of Jesus

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

Just say the Name, dear friends. Whatever you're going through today, practice the Name of Jesus.
Ward Simpson


Hello everyone. I’m Ward Simpson, president and CEO of GOD TV, and welcome to God Today. I want to tell you a story about a time I was traveling in Africa on a ministry trip. We were heading from the city of Owerri to the city of Lagos on our way to the airport. There were two cars. The car that I was in was shared with a driver and the two pastors in the back seat. The car ahead of us was the staff, all the luggage, and a security guard with his rifle. And here we set off to the city of Lagos driving between 70 and 80 miles per hour.

Very quickly into my journey, the Lord spoke to me very, very strangely, peculiarly. He said, “Son, what would you do in case of emergency? What would be the first word that came out of your mouth in case of a crisis? There’s no time to pray. There’s no time to think. What would be the first word to come out of your mouth?” And I thought to myself, What a strange thing the Lord is asking me. Is this even the Lord? But He began to press me and ask me, and as we’re driving, I’m thinking, What would I do with no time to pray? And sure enough, I said, “I’ll call on the Name Jesus. I have no time for anything else, but I’ll say the Name Jesus.”

Not very long after I decided what I would say, there in front of me, our lead car, just a couple of hundred feet ahead of me, lost control and immediately went airborne. What seemed like an eternity was just split seconds. No time to pray. No time to cry. No time to think. No time to wonder. No time to brake. What came out of my mouth was, ”Jesus help them.” 

And He did indeed. I watched that car roll and roll, avoid traffic on both sides, and land in the middle of two lanes. I saw the wheels break off the windshield, the mirrors popped out and broke off. One by one, we saw each man climb out of that car unscathed. That is the power of the Name of Jesus.

You know, there’s a shoe supplier, a shoe manufacturer. Their slogan is, “Just do it.” But I say to you, let our slogan be, “In the name of Jesus.” Just say the Name, dear friends. Whatever you’re going through today, practice the Name of Jesus. God bless you.