God’s Intervention

Monday, March 27th, 2023

I thank God for looking after me and I pray that over you.
Tosh James


Hey guys, I just want to talk to you about God’s love, His intervention and His plan for you. When I was a teenager, I got myself in a lot of trouble.  It’s a story for another day. We need a lot more time for that. But I got myself in so much trouble that it had to do with the law, and God had put people into my life that helped me get out of that and I made a 180.

There was a family in San Antonio that God spoke to that took me in short term during my high school season. I’d go stay with them during the week and go to school there. God put a coach into my life that became kind of a farther figure to me that helped me get through those years. I couldn’t have asked for that. I couldn’t have. I was a teenager. I couldn’t have written it down on a plan. God knew my heart. God knew the plans He had for me, and He put all those people in my life. He had the Holy Spirit speak to them and create situations, create an atmosphere for me to thrive and follow His plan and live and not die. Because there were situations at that time in my life, it would’ve put me underground and thank God it didn’t.

And I thank God for looking after me and I pray that over you. No matter what situation you’re going through, no matter what situation your children are going through, God has plans for them. Keep praying over them, keep blessing them, keep speaking life into them.