Enlarging Your Territory

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

God has placed something on your heart about being able to move into a bigger building. I want you to take heart. Don't put God in a box because He's an amazing Father.
Peggy Pohl


Hi, my name is Peggy Pohl with the GOD TV team, and welcome to God Today. I want to share a testimony with you about something that the Lord did. It just was tremendous for our church. My husband and I pastor a movement that the Lord is doing in a small Texas town, a farming community. And we’ve been here for probably about 15 years, and we’ve seen the Lord do some tremendous things. And we were in a building that housed a maximum of about a hundred people and God supernaturally moved us into another building. And when I say supernaturally, I really mean that because the Lord had laid on our hearts to start believing Him for another building.

And so we did. We started praying and started seeking. The Lord led me to a building that we had looked at 10 years ago. And when I got in contact with this gentleman and made arrangements to go meet with him, he opened the door. And when he opened the door, I could see the back row of the seats of the sanctuary. And I knew in my heart – my spirit just started to leap. He turned the light on and I knew that this was the place, and my husband did too. When we walked away from there, he said, “There’s no way. There’s no way y’all can get in this building because the board of directors won’t let you do it.” And so we just said, “Okay.” And we blessed him and we drove away.

As we drove away, the Lord laid on my heart John 4:12, and it was basically saying that another had prepared this place but now you are going to inherit it to collect the harvest. So about five months went by and we never heard from him. We didn’t think about it anymore. And we got a phone call from him and we met with him again. He said, “I’m going to get y’all into this building because I believe in what you’re doing.” And so after about a week, we got into the building and it was just amazing. It was exactly what we needed. We went from seating for 100 to seating for 375.

We don’t have that many people going into our church. I want to say this because I believe it will encourage somebody – God put us in this building because it’s to collect the harvest. And so God has placed something on your heart about being able to move into a bigger building. I want you to have heart, and I’m going to pray for you in just a minute concerning finances for it, because God supernaturally gave us the finances as well, but don’t put God in a box because He’s an amazing Father. And now we are positioned for the harvest that I know God is getting ready to start doing things upon the face of the earth that’s going to draw people into the church.

So, Father, I thank You for those that You’ve spoken to their hearts that it’s time to get into a bigger building because they have hearts that follow after You. Lord, I just thank You for the supernatural way of giving them the finances in a way that You gave them to us and the people giving, because they want to see the Kingdom of God manifesting on the face of the earth. So I just release finances to them, and I release faith to them. That Lord, they will stand. They will believe everything that You tell them, and Lord, I just call it to come to pass in Jesus’ name. Amen.