Monday, January 24th, 2022

It’s easy to have the right attitude when things are going great, but what happens when you’re being squeezed?
Ward Simpson


Hello, everyone.  I’m Ward Simpson, President, and CEO of GOD TV, and welcome to God Today. I want to tell you a story about one day when I was visiting this restaurant in America.  It was a place where servers were allowed to play pranks on their customers. Here I was, not aware of these pranksters. And the waiter came to my table with a bottle of mustard and pretended to squeeze it at me.  The horror as I saw this yellow string of mustard coming towards my suit! Only to find out it was just a yellow string. It was just a joke, it was just a prank.

That made me think; you know?  That bottle sure looked like mustard.  It said “mustard”. But, when it was squeezed something else came out.  Which made me think – what’s inside of me? When I’m squeezed what really comes out?  See, we call ourselves Christians. It’s easy to be a Christian when things are going well.  It’s easy to have the right attitude when things are going great, but what happens when you’re being squeezed?  I want to encourage you today. If you’re being squeezed, if you feel that squeeze, if you’re going through a trial or temptation.  You know, the Bible says, “Count it all joy.” Trials and tests are there for you to encourage you, to bless you, and to mature you.  A trial is there to make you a better man or a woman of God. Allow the Lord to squeeze you today and see what comes out.

Malachi says that “God comes as a refiner’s fire”.  Job, through his testing, said: “When I come out of the fire I will be like gold”.  That’s what God has for you. He wants to refine you and purify you and make you pure as gold.  You know, the refiner’s fire and the way it’s done, is that the precious metal is in a hot boiling cauldron.  And the refiner will turn the heat up and all of a sudden impurities come to the surface and then he swoops them away.  And when you think that metal is precious enough he says no and he turns the heat up a little bit more and more impurities come to the surface.  

God is bringing impurities up in your life.  He’s showing you those bad attitudes, He’s showing you those wrong ways.  He’s doing this to encourage you, to teach you, and to mature you. So, friends, I encourage you today.  Allow God to give you that big squeeze. Hallelujah! God bless you, have a great day in Jesus’ name.