No Limits

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

If you walk with God, you’re going to become unlimited people in all that you do.
Randy Needham


Hi, I’m Pastor Randy Needham, Dwelling Place Church in Houston, TX.  Welcome to God Today. I want to talk to you about the unlimited of God.  That’s right, God is completely unlimited and He’s our Father and therefore, that makes us unlimited sons and daughters of God.  I want to remind you of a scripture in 1 Kings 4:29. When Solomon prayed and he prayed for wisdom, and he prayed to be a blessing (that’s a good prayer to pray), and he prayed that God would bless him.  And so God said, “I’m going to give you wisdom and understanding.” But, some of the time we don’t realize is that the last thing God told him is “God gave him an unlimited heart, as much as the sands of the seashore.”  Solomon became a completely unlimited man.

Now listen.  We can have wisdom, we can even have potential, we can have talent, but if our heart is small in its thinking, small in its believing, it will limit what God wants to do.  God literally wants to put His thoughts, He wants to put His faith, He wants to put His love in our heart. That we begin to be able to receive the thoughts of God and the unlimited plans of God.

You know, some of the time we plan so small.  This isn’t out of our working hard, this is out of God putting things, putting dreams, putting vision in our heart.  What is the vision of God that will break the limitations – maybe for generations, off your family – off your life. Maybe you’ll be the first one to go to college, the first one to own a business.  Unlimited of God. If you walk with God, you’re going to become unlimited people in all that you do. Just remember that – you are never limited in God. The Holy Spirit will bring the power of God and the wisdom of God into your lives so that you can walk in the unlimited.

I tell people this thought, “It’s not what’s in your hand.”  You know, so many people say, “I can’t do anything. I have so little.”  Maybe you’re in a place where you don’t see a lot of resource. I want to tell you today, never forget – it’s not what’s in your hand that God is looking for – it’s what’s in your heart.  Let God put the unlimited in your heart.

I’m going to pray for you just like Solomon and God’s going to do it for you. Father, thank you for the people today. Thank you, Father, right now. Holy Spirit, come.  Release wisdom, and understanding, and the unlimited of God. No fear. No fear to dream in Jesus’ name.  You’re unlimited. Be free. Amen.