Breaking Free From Man’s Opinions

Saturday, April 9th, 2022

Keep your eyes fixed on who He says you are, and just to let go of the expectations of people and who people say you are.
Maria George


Hi, my name is Maria George, and welcome to God Today. Today, I want to talk about facing the spirit of intimidation and the fear of man head on. I want to share with you that maybe there’s things that you’ve encountered in your life where people have stuck labels on you, or people have told you, you know, you can’t do this because of X, Y, and Z,  or you may feel like you’re in this box in that you have to perform according to what people think of you, or people expect of you. But inside you feel like God is calling you like that there’s more, but you feel kind of trapped by the identity that the world has put around you. Maybe even friends or family, just thinking this is who this person is, or this is who you are. And you feel so trapped in it, but you feel this stirring, you feel like God has called you to more, and God has called you to do things, and you’ve kind of seen yourself the way God sees you, but there’s this struggle. There’s this a wrestle between the way people see you and the way God sees you.

So I just want to share with you and encourage you to see yourself the way the Father sees you. To spend time in His presence and just let Him fill you with that revelation, that you are His child, that you belong to Him, that before you were ever born, He formed you in your mother’s womb. That the plans, the calling on your life is predestined. He made you with all of that in His heart and His mind. Those are His dreams for you. And just to keep your eyes fixed on who He says you are. And just to let go of the expectations of people and who people say you are, because at the end of the day, people will come and go in our lives. And that’s the truth. People are going to come and go. And if we live our lives trying to please people, trying to keep everybody happy, we’re just going to be frustrated, and we’re going to feel empty at the end. When we come to the end of our life and we stand before Jesus, we’re going to feel like, oh, so sad. Why didn’t I just forget about these people and give it all. In Him there is so much life and there is fullness. So I just want to encourage you that there is breakthrough, that there is breakthrough for you, friends.

I’m going to pray over us. Heavenly Father, I just thank you for every person watching, that you are releasing victory over the fear of man and over the spirit of intimidation in Jesus’ name. I just declare those things broken in Jesus’ Name. Release grace over every person listening to step out, to step out of the box, to destroy the box that people feel trapped in right now. God, we just thank you for your joy in the process. We thank you for your joy and your peace, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.