Words Of Knowledge

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

God could give you knowledge on what to do right now with something that you knew nothing about.
Shawn Bolz


Hi, I’m Shawn Bolz of Bolz Ministries and this is God Today. You know, God has messages for us and sometimes those messages come through words of knowledge.  A word of knowledge is a current or past fact about someone’s life that helps them feel the God of all the universe is present with them. Sometimes it could be something as extreme as rescuing a kidnapped victim. We have friends in Vacaville, CA, at church called The Mission Church and they’ve been praying and saying, “God, there’s all these human trafficking victims, there are all these people that are going missing all the time.  Is there anything you could do to speak about this because psychics do this and mediums do this, but what does the God of all the universe say about a kidnap victim or about somebody who is trafficked? What do you say, God?” They began to have a real passion for this as a team and a community. They started to pray and through their prayers, they’ve been able to give their local police force and the FBI clues and even car license numbers and registration numbers.  They’ve been able to talk about the people who are involved with the kidnappings, and help find several missing children. 

Now, I think this is profound because a lot of times when we think of the Bible and we think of prophecy and revelation we think of it in the context of maybe in the church and appointing a worship leader.  “I feel that there is a call from God in your life.” We don’t think about it in everyday, real circumstances. God cares about human rights, God cares about finances, God cares about the things you are missing.  He cares about these kinds of things in very real ways. He is speaking about the things that are most important to humanity because they are the same issues that are most important to Him. Like racism, like civil rights, all these kinds of things, God has words to say.

What I love about words of knowledge is that the word “knowledge” in the Bible is a word that says it’s not knowledge that we could have gained, but it’s the knowledge that came from Heaven itself to us.  It is the knowledge that God added to us. God could give you knowledge on what to do right now with something that you knew nothing about. He can give you wisdom or knowledge to do something that you wouldn’t have had that potential choice if it wasn’t for God intervening right now and giving you revelation.  Maybe you might have something that is so on your heart that you need a breakthrough in right now, you need something to happen right now. What about asking for a word of knowledge? What about asking God to speak to you?

I love James 1 where it says, “Ask God for the wisdom of any kind because when you ask for wisdom He will give it to you generously.”  Let’s ask Him for some great wisdom. Let’s ask Him for some words of knowledge because He has secrets to tell you that are for the people who love Him and for the people He loves.  Let’s ask Him right now. Holy Spirit, would you show us something that we never saw before? Would you show us, God, something about your heart that we have to look into your heart to see?  Would you give us words of knowledge and words of wisdom about our life, about the world around us, God? The whole world is crying out for strategy and wisdom and understanding about their lives, about their industries, about their people groups.  Would you give us a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge that would move this world forward into your dream? In Jesus’ name. Amen.