Dwell With Understanding

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

We need God to bring healing to us, so we can be able to love one another, like the Lord loves us.
Rodney Tolleson


Welcome to God Today. My name is Rodney Tolleson. Our ministry is Kingdom Life Now. I want to talk to the men today, that are watching this, about scripture in 1 Peter 3:7, where it talks about men – for us to dwell with our wives in understanding. That is a very difficult thing sometimes, for us to do that. I’ve been married to my wife, Cathy, for 33 years, and our personalities are absolutely different. She is – if you know the DISC profile – she is a high “D” personality and I am an “S” personality.  We had to learn how to really dwell with each other. As you go ahead and read that scripture, you will see that during that scripture it really talks about what happens if we don’t dwell with each other with understanding.  Our prayers are hindered. We want our prayers to be answered.

I find that a lot of men, talking to men, and doing marriage boot camps, and doing men’s meetings over the years, that men will come out and say that they just don’t understand women. They don’t understand their wife. That is just setting them up, setting your marriage up for difficulty because the scripture is very clear on that. We have got to learn. I am hoping through this talk today that you are going to start getting encouraged that God created your spouse, created your wife for you, and He can give you the insight.

I found out early on in our marriage if I didn’t know what to do, or what to say, or how to handle something, if I would go to the one that made my wife, if I would go to God, and say, “God, you gave her to me, you created her, now tell me what she needs.  How can I minister to her? How can I be that husband that you have called me to be? How can I bless her to be able to know that she is loved by me and she is loved by you? How can I be a healing agent for her?” Many times we come into a marriage with a lot of baggage and that baggage needs to be unpacked and we need God to bring healing to us so we can really start to understand, start to communicate, and be able to love one another with unconditional love like the Lord loves us.

Men, I challenge you that if you have been one that has said that – stop saying that.  Change your approach to it. Start believing that God is big enough that He can give you the insight and the wisdom of how to dwell with your wife with understanding and your prayers will be answered.

Today I want to just encourage you with that, I want to pray for you, men, that this would be the time, this would be the season that you would start a new approach to everything related to your marriage.  Father, I pray especially for this area of understanding and dwelling with. I pray today that everyone watching this, every man here, something would quicken in their spirit. They would say, “You know what? I have been speaking death over my marriage and over my wife. I want to speak life over her.  I want to decree that I do understand my wife and I can be a healing agent and that you will show me how to be that man that can minister to his wife.” So, Lord, I bless the men that are watching today and I decree and declare it.  That this is a new day in their marriage and a new day in their ministry. In Jesus’ name.