What Does Hope Mean?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

There's a hope, Kingdom hope, godly hope that has no chance of ever failing.
Scott Volk


Hi, this is Scott Volk. Welcome to God Today. There’s a word in the Bible that is really slippery for me to understand. It’s a little nebulous, sometimes. It’s the word ‘hope.’ What does hope mean? I hope that my favorite football team wins the game today. Yeah, that’s how we use ‘hope,’ but that kind of hope has a possibility of failure, especially if you live in North Carolina and root for the team that I root for in the United States. But there’s a hope, Kingdom hope, godly hope that has no chance of ever failing.

I want to read this scripture to you out of the book of Romans chapter 15:13. “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” I remember two years ago, I was preparing a message on hope, but every time I thought, “What does hope mean?” I couldn’t even get a solid definition. And I asked the Lord, “What is the definition of hope?” And I’m going to give you what He gave me. Hope is being fully assured that God always has a solution for your impossible situation, and He will show up at the perfect time to transform your impossibilities into a testimony of His salvation. That’s godly hope. Godly hope is being fully assured that God always comes through in your impossible situation. I’m thinking the first impossible situation in scripture was man and woman sinning and partaking of the forbidden fruit, introducing death into the world. But God, in the midst of that hopeless situation puts a plan in place and prophesies over the devil in Genesis chapter three, saying, “Cursed are you. One is coming that will crush your head.” That was a Messianic prophecy of the coming of Jesus. And that’s why God chose Abraham and the Jewish people to be the loins through which Messiah would come. In the midst of the impossible situation of death entering into the earth, God set a plan in place for our salvation.

Throughout scripture, I see impossible situations. Abraham had an impossible situation. It says he “hoped against hope.” He was fully assured that what God had promised he was able to bring about. That’s Romans chapter 4. And in the midst of Abraham’s dead body at the age of 100 and Sarah’s barren womb that was dead at the age of 90, God comes through at the perfect time.

And I want to encourage you with this. God is coming through for you. You might think, “God, I need it today.”  It’s going to be at the perfect time. The book of Galatians says when the perfect time came or the appointed time came, God sent His Son. Friends, your appointed time is coming. The devil is going to whisper hopelessness into your ear. But I agree with this scripture that the God of all hope will fill you today, because faithful is He who has called you. He will also bring it to pass. God bless you.